Sunday, May 11, 2008

Meet the woman who is not a woman

The abortion lobby supposedly is there to support women, regardless of whether they choose life or death for their unborn babies. But they're perfectly willing to throw this woman, and others like her, under the bus, to tell them that they're flat out WRONG for loving their unborn children, and grieving when those children are taken from them in brutal attacks.


I carried Zachariah in my womb for almost nine full months. He was killed in my womb, only five days from his delivery date. The first time I ever held him in my arms, he was already dead. ....

There is no way that I can really tell you about the pain I feel when I visit my son’s grave site in Milwaukee, and at other times, thinking of all that we missed together. But that pain was greater because the man who killed Zachariah got away with murder.


I know that some lawmakers and some groups insist that there is no such thing as an unborn victim, and that crimes like this only have a single victim – but that is callous and it is wrong. Please don’t tell me that my son was not a real victim of a real crime.

As I've said before, opposition to Unborn Victims of Violence laws isn't a matter of taking sides in a turf war between women and unborn babies. It's a matter of taking sides in a turf war between women who love their unborn babies, and women who see them as medical waste to be disposed of.

Mothers and babies are not, as the abortion lobby would have us believe, natural enemies. It's the rare mother who really, in her heart of hearts, wants her baby dead. But it's those mothers, and those mothers alone, whose interests the abortion lobby fights to preserve.

Their callous disregard for the pain of women like Tracy more than proves that.

The abortion lobby says that Tracy is flat out WRONG to see that child in her arms as a baby -- that she's sadly deluded for seeing a dead baby deserving of a funeral. That what she has in her arms is just tissue, suited only for sending to the pathology lab with no more ceremony or emotion than would accompany your tonsils.

If you can look at this picture wonder why that woman is cradling a pathology specimen, by all means march in lockstep with the abortion lobby. Believe everything they say about their agenda and women's uniform and unbridled enthusiasm for that agenda.

If you see a grieving mother holding her murdered baby, start asking questions. And never take anything the abortion lobby says at face value again.

Oh yeah, they're fighting for women, all right. Just not women like Tracy.

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