Thursday, January 29, 2009

Applauding a child's death

Father Frank Pavone introduces a portion of a recording of a National Abortion Federation Risk Management Seminar in which Dr. Martin Haskell, who popularized what is known as "Partial Birth Abortion", introduces his favored technique to his fellow abortionists. As you hear the sound of the vacuum machine sucking out the baby's brain, killing the child, listen to what follows immediately: applause. Keep in mind that the applauding crowd is watching a VIDEO of Haskell doing this. They're seeing the baby, still moving, being partially delivered. They're applauding after Haskell sticks a tube into the base of the child's skull and vacuums out the brain. They are applauding as they watch a child be put to death -- if I recall correctly, for the unpardonable crime of having Down syndrome.

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John said...

This is so very tragic. Made even more so by the applause. What have we come to in this nation?!