Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy oilpans, Batman!

LeRoy Carhart's abortion mill looks like a freaking transmission shop! It was next door to a body shop, so you can tell that this neighborhood isn't exactly the high-rent district, and certainly isn't full of medical practices.

Does this look like a fire at a medical facility?

And if you check out the video, you can see that the brickwork in the building is of a car. And not just a car -- an old jalopy.

How fitting!

I know these guys are prone to running tacky practices. Scott Barrett, who killed Stacy Ruckman, ran his abortion mill in the basement of a used car dealership. But I can still never get used to it.

Oh -- and this high class joint is a member of the illustrious National Abortion Federation:

Now, I realize that this is pure conjecture, but -- according to this article, the basement contained papers and medical records.

If this was arson -- and mind you, I"m not saying it is, I'm just pondering -- if this was arson, who would want to burn the medical records, and why?

I wonder if there was a lawsuit filed against him, where he can't provide the patient's records now because they were burned up.

I still think the most likely scenario was just garden variety ill-maintenance of the building. Still, if it does turn out to be arson, cui bono?


Suzanne said...

Maybe that place was just a fire-trap to begin with.

Hugh Askew said...

Well, the very same "doctor" had a fire at his horse barn - back in 1991 -Carhart alleged it was the work of pro-life arsonists. His neighbors thought that he had set the fire.....for the insurance money.

The very same "doctor" had four horses, and two dogs, confiscated by the humane society due to neglect.

When you add in the women killed by Carhart - thru neglect, or just plain ineptitude - the times he has been cited for running a pigsty, and his overall lack of humanity, you get the picture of a man that is beyond the pale of humanity.