Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tiller Trial: The Plot Thickens

A Hostile Neuhaus Begrudgingly Admits Details Of Affiliation

Kristin Neuhaus, the disgraced erstwhile abortionist who rubber-stamped post-viability abortions for George Tiller, was on the stand again today.

Neuhaus had politely and succinctly answered questions all morning during cross examination by Tiller’s attorney, Dan Monnat. However, her attitude abruptly changed when Disney began to question her from Monnat’s podium.

Disney told the court that he would be questioning her from that podium since Neuhaus seemed to have a better memory of questions asked from there.

“Thanks for the smart remark,” Neuhaus responded.


Disney did manage to establish through Neuhaus’ testimony that she was recruited by Tiller, who consulted with her about the amount of her fee. He then set up a situation where she could only see patients at his request, at times of his determination, in an environment that he controlled. When she did the consultations by telephone, patients paid Tiller’s staff, and they held the cash for Neuhaus until the next time she came to the clinic. The form letter that she signed, referring patients to Tiller for late-term abortions was drafted by Tiller’s attorneys and provided to her by Tiller’s staff.

Disney also established that patients were not free to choose their own second physician, and that Tiller controlled the fact that each patient saw Neuhaus, and only her.


After Neuhaus’s testimony, the prosecution rested.

That seems to establish pretty clearly that the second opinions weren't provided by an independent physician.

Neuaus was declared a hostile witness. This means that the attorney who called the witness may question her in a different manner than usual, as if he were cross-examining the witness.

Larry Buening, the former Medical Board head, was also present but not called on. Tiller's defense claims that Buening gave him the green light to have Neuhaus do all of the second opinions on Tiller's post-viability abortion patients, telling Tiller that “all of his problems would go away.”

Buening resigned in disgrace after a scandal involving reluctance of the Board to discipline dangerous physicians, and allegations of incompetence. Buening was an appointee of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. His wife, Vicki, is Sebelius’ head of Constituent Affairs.

Buening is a long-time associate of Tiller’s and was involved in Tiller’s case with the KSBHA when Tiller was disciplined for drug and alcohol abuse. Buening is expected to offer testimony for the defense.

He'd better hope Tiller walks, because otherwise he's implicated in some crimes himself.

“The more we hear in court, the more shady these people appear. Neuhaus didn’t do herself any favors with her surly attitude. She appeared to be a hyper-paranoid person who lives in constant fear of criminal prosecution,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Please continue to bathe this trail in prayer.”

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army_wife said...

It would take quite a bit of legal and moral mental gymnastics for the jury to contort themselves out of giving a guilty verdict in this case. I can only hope that they DO ensure that Tiller gets his due and that the judge doesn't decide to be lenient on this "wonderful protector of women's right to choose". (sarcasm)

I can only hope that this trial will not be a huge farce. I'm afraid that unless God steps in and sees that justice is done, it will be.