Friday, July 03, 2009

New CDC Abortion Surveillance Report out

The newest CDC Abortion Surveillance Summary is for 2005. Not that they're dragging their asses or anything.

The most recent deaths they tally are for 2004. Since then I have found:

  • 2007: Edrica Goode and Laura Hope Smith

  • 2006: Laura Grunas

  • 2005: Christin Gilbert and Oriane Shevin

    Now we can look at where the CDC deigns to count:

    And, more closely, at those since 2000:

  • 2004: They count 7 legal and 1 illegal. I have 2: Chanelle Bryant and Tamiia Russell. That means that the CDC knows of at least 6 abortion deaths I have been unable to learn anything about. The illegal death, since it's not been shouted from the rooftops by abortion advocacy groups, is probably one like Myrta Baptiste, who thought her abortion was legal, and didn't realize that her doctor had a suspended license when he did her abortion. The only detail they provide is that one of the legal abortion deaths was from a chemical abortion; I'm guessing that it was Chanelle.

  • 2003: They count 10. I have 3: Leigh Ann Alford, Holly Patterson, and Vivian Tran. That means there are at least 7 deaths I don't know about. They state in their 2004 Abortion Surveil-lace that four of the deaths were from chemical abortions, which means that two of the three women whose chemical abortion deaths I've been unable to pin down were in 2003; I just have no way of knowing which two.

  • 2002: They count 9. I have 4: Diana Lopez, "Adelle Roe", Brenda Vise, and Stacy Zallie. That means there are at least 5 deaths I don't know about.

  • 2001: They count 6 legal and 1 illegal. I have only 1, "Haley Mason". That means there are at least 5 incuded abortion deaths I don't know about.

  • 2000: They count 11. I have 3: L'Echelle Head, Kimberly Neil, and Nicey Washington. That means there are at least 8 more deaths I don't know about.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

    For more breakdown of abortion deaths by year or decade, see this post.

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    Kathy said...

    An "illegal" abortion death could possibly have been something like a woman buying and self-administering abortifacient drugs like Cytotec (generic name, misoprostol -- an ulcer drug available by prescription, but used to induce labor both for full-term births and induced abortions, as well as to remove the products of conception as an alternative to a D&C; probably pretty easy to get illegally; I'd assume it would be a bit tougher to illegally get something strictly for abortion, like RU-486), taking them, and then ending up dead from a ruptured uterus or something. If she wasn't legally prescribed the drugs (but bought them over the internet or something), it would likely be called an illegal abortion, even if the care and aftercare were little or no different from legal abortions.