Sunday, October 04, 2009

Jackass Bureaucrat Alert

Small Town, Big Government

A guy got an idea to offer drunks free rides home from the bars -- especially useful since the town's taxi service won't pick people after 1 a.m., and the bars are still open.

Well, the demand grew, and the guy and his volunteer drivers started accepting donations -- and the city shut him down. He's a "taxi service".

Because they let the drunks they drive home give them money to cover the expenses.

This is akin to a clusterfuck the government made out of a charity in my area -- free van rides to medical appointments. You see, the van service accepts donations, and -- GASP! -- picks up people who live on the Cambria County side of Windber, Pennsylvania, not just the Somerset County side.

There's a certain kind of evil that just flocks to bureaucracy the way rats flock to a garbage heap.

It's bad enough that the bureaucrats in Pennsylvania are content to see sickly elderly people unable to get rides to the doctor. But now we have these jerks who'd rather see people wiped out in drunk driving crashes than have somebody accept a few bucks for riding a drunk home.


Jim Jordan said...

Hmmm. Don't you see the bigger picture here? Extortion is the realm of the government. How dare the non-profits offer to drive drunks home when it's more profitable to the government that they be arrested! If nothing bad ever happened, government would go bankrupt.

Kathy said...

It's corrupt either way, but it sounds like the taxi people (and other similar ones) became afraid because the drunk-mobile was expanding, and running off of donations, and becoming a threat to their profit. I bet they have deep enough pockets to... not "bribe" the officials, but to, um, give generous "donations" to them as friends; and then, the police will look further into the problems of their "friends."

Christina Dunigan said...

The fact that you have to go through sheer Hell with the PUC and every other bureaucrat to get the taxi license in the first place probably doesn't incline them to be charitable, either.

We need LESS bureaucracy, not more!

Kathy said...


Subvet said...

Increase the chance of some drunk killing an innocent person on the same road while driving, fill up the local jail with sots, take up the time of cops who could be actively engaged fighting more heinous crimes, tie up the court system with drunks fighting their convictions.

Makes sense to me (now where did I put those meds?).

OperationCounterstrike said...

Wow! Christina used a dirty word ("clusterfuck")!

I'm gonna tell the principal....