Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Law & Order" does balanced show on late abortion

Thanks for the link go to Jill Stanek.

It seems the writers went a bit overboard to make sure to fit in stereotypical and atypical people on both sides, reasonable people on both sides, fanatics on both sides, and the arguments of both sides. But with just one hour, he/she needed to cram it in a bit.

The only fault I can find is the characterization of the abortions as being typically done on babies with horrendous congenital conditions, since this is atypical even of late abortions, but I do appreciate that these children were shown as still having dignity and lives worth living.

So I'd have to rate it high.


John Jansen said...


Bearing in mind The Gomer Pyle Axiom of High and Low Expectations, whenever the MSM deals with abortion, we have to set the bar very low.

That said, after watching this Law & Order episode, I don't think we could have realistically hoped for a better presentation of the pro-life position than we got.

Kathy said...

I think you'll like this video: Will the Unborn Have a Public Option?

Kathy said...

And another video - a former PP director steps down and joins forces with pro-lifers.

OperationCounterstrike said...

Actually Kathy that's a very revealing way to phrase it: "Will the unborn have a public option?" It clearly shows the goal of right-to-lifism: to make women's uteruses into government-owned commodities.