Saturday, December 05, 2009

"Unlicensed abortion"?

Police: New York Woman Plotted to Kill Husband's Mistress's Unborn Child

Kisha Jones wasn't happy that her husband had gotten another woman pregnant. So, pretending to be from the woman's obstetrician's office, she phoned her to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy and take it. The lover, falling for the ruse, took the drug and went into labor two months prematurely. The baby survived but ended up in the NICU, where Jones again made an attempt on the child's life, this time sending an accomplice with tainted liquid, with instructions to tell the nurses it was breast milk for the baby.

According to Fox News, "Jones, 31, was arraigned Saturday on charges including forgery, possession of stolen property, assault and unlicensed abortion."

Unlicensed abortion. An attempt to kill a viable infant against the mother's wishes. That's what the abortion culture has brought us to -- where trying to kill a woman's loved unborn child is a petty matter of not having a license to do it.


army_wife said...

That's some sick and twisted crap right there. I hate how infants are punished for merely existing. Heaven forbid. I understand that Mrs. Jones was upset but the baby DID NOTHING WRONG. He/she is an innocent bystander. How about she takes it up with HER HUSBAND... you know, the person who is the one that did the wrong in the first place? Wait... that would make too much sense. We'll just take it out on an innocent child instead. What a coward.

But I agree about the "unlicensed abortion" charge. Huh? Someone's confused there. That should have been ATTEMPTED MURDER. Hello? That in and of itself is about as sick and twisted as Mrs. Jones' original actions were.

I certainly hope the child is still doing OK and that he or she does not have any long-term serious problems from any of this.

OperationCounterstrike said...

The Russians recently poisoned someone using propranolol. So let's ban propranolol!

Kathy said...

OC -- What?? Your comment makes no sense.