Monday, November 10, 2008

Feel the LOVE!

These are selected comments at Fark in response to the Washington Post article about people adopting kids with Down syndrome:

Exodus 2001: So going full retard is OK now?

dahmers love zombie: It's terribly unfair to them when parents do that. Essentially saying "we wanted to get a child that we can spend MUCH more time and money on than you".

Because People in Power are Stupid: President Bush is retarded and that makes it cool.

Deltabourne: Hey, we elected a Trig of our own too. Twice.

Philly_gp: That is SO Gross!

Bruce Campbell Said So: This will go about as well as when everyone decided to get a clownfish of their very own after Finding Nemo came out. Most of them got flushed down the toilet, so I guess we can see where this is going.

thisbymaster: they should be put down like any other animal(republicans)

Brittney Spears Speculum: 'bout time for Bristol to miscarry.

SemperLieSuckah: Why would you want to adopt the child of five monkeys having buttsex with a fish-squirrel?

JOEKC: Are there different degrees of Down Syndrome? Every time I saw Trig on TV in the last couple of months he was so totally inert I could have sworn he was a doll. Sometimes Mom seemed to be carrying him like a sack of flour. It all seemed surreal. I'm not making a judgment really, but a woman in her mid 40's who gets pregnant has an enormous risk of bearing a DS child. My note to JOEKC: Low muscle tone is common in babies with Down syndrome, yes. But sleeping babies also go totally limp.

Verloren: For adopting special needs children, I say either adopt once your child/ren is/are old enough to understand, or after your child/ren has/have moved out.

The_Time_Master: (Posts photoshop of the VEEP debate, with speech balloons for Biden) "Ms. Palin, what's the difference between your mouth and your vagina? Only some of the things that come out of your vagina are retarded."

RocketRay: I thought the kid's name was Prop.

thelordofcheese: Oh, ho... They're in for a fun surprise. Trust me. Going to Special Olympics can be tiring.

Funk Brothers: Oh great everybody's accepting dysgenics now. Eugenics is the way to go.

Any more questions as to why prolifers think prochoicers are bigots who hate kids with disabilities?


Subvet said...

Nothing like class. Nothing like it at all.

ashley said...

I have been poking around the blog, and I'm torn. Some of the statments and blogs made are well written explainations of your views and why you believe, and I find these blogs very informative and helpful. Others are designed solely to make liberal, pro-choice supporters sound cruel, stupid and uneducated.
I feel the biggest problem in politics is this rash over-generalization. There are some "abortion is my form of birth control" extremists, as there are "i can justify bombing a abortion clinic" extremists. These are few and far between.
Just as you have horrible, insenstive comments from pro-choicers, have you ever looked for similarly rude and heartless comments from pro-choices? Have you looked for the evil in your own camp? Both sides have faults.

I myself could never have an abortion, I respect the life growing inside me far too much. But I don't believe it's my place to tell other women they can't. I may be pro-choice, but I don't plan on my baby (not fetus - it's my baby) being tested for down's because it doesn't matter to me - my child will be born and loved regardless.
For every obnoxious, cruel pro-choicer poster you find, there is someone like me, who loves and respects the child growing within them, but who won't make this call for someone else.
Also, for those of you for whom abortion is the deciding factor, look and see that during Clinton's adminstration, abortion rates declined despite his stance. During this time, the country was in less economic turmoil, which leads to less abortion. I think everyone would benefit by instead of outright trying to ban abortion, let's try and solve some of the the causes of abortion, such as cost and misinformation. Pro-lifers, instead of protesting, volunteer at clinics which can educate a young women about the choice she is making without being judgmental. Pro-choicers, recognize that this a human rights issue as much as war or poverty, and never assume a young women should get an abortion because she isn't ready. There are so many people out there to love that child.

Just please, lets stop pointing fingers, saying the other side is more evil than ours. You should know the verse: Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?Matthew 7:3.

Feel free to respond.

Anonymous said...

two words. cherry picking. of course there are more questions! you think you can list a bunch of idiots on one blog and deem the invalid notion that all prochoicers are bigots who hate disabled kids is true? you're always going to be right if you ignore what doesn't agree with you.

Christina Dunigan said...

ashley and anon, the point I'm making is in response to frequent assertions I hear that "nobody is FOR abortions" or "it's not that anybody hates babies with Down syndrome". I'm merely illustrating that YES, there are such people.

If I thought they were representative of all prochoice citizens I'd probaby just shoot myself, because I don't think I'm strong enough to live in a world that full of hate.

and ashley, I think I'll devote an entire post to responding to you. Tune in later today!

Amy said...

And 90% of babies diagnosed with Downs (or another disability) in the womb are aborted.

Nobody's "for" abortions, my foot. Anyone who votes for a pro-abortion politician is "for" abortions. And it's wrong.

I am no longer tiptoeing around the subject. Abortion is wrong, cruel, evil and unnecessary. There is no excuse for it and those who feel it necessary to make them up should be ashamed.

WKen said...

Pro-child, pro-choice ... or so say the bumper-stickers. Disgusting ...

Anonymous said...

Baby Trig sure did seem loved to me. Some members of my own family are convinced he was used as a prop, which may or may be true (speaking of toting him around on the campaign trail). But every time I think of that little girl licking her hand and smoothing his hair, it makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

oops... may or may not be true.

Christina Dunigan said...

She wanted her baby with her. She was able to have her baby with her. I think a lot of women dream of jobs where they can take their kids to work.

And people were bringing their kids to the rallies. That's something I think doesn't show up in news coverage. Sarah Palin rallies weren't just political rallies, they were celebrations of family and children, and especially kids with special needs. To have left Trig out of it would be having a birthday party without the guest of honor.

People were totally jazzed to see him, and Piper. I sort of felt sorry for Willow in that she didn't have a following, like her younger siblings did. Not that she wasn't welcome, but nobody was all excited that she was there the way they were all excited to catch a glimpse of Trig and Piper.