Saturday, May 29, 2010

In a way, they have a point....


Ulrich George Klopfer and the Ft. Wayne, Indiana, abortion mill he owns and practices in are seeking an injunction against a county ordinance that requires Klopfer to provide contact information for physicians to contact him if his patients experience complications.

Leonard Goldstein who opposes the Patient Safety Ordinance says, “The hospitals are available to them, their family doctors are available, and I'm not sure what the, the...this requirement on Klopfer and others, um, helps.

He kind of has a point. I'm not sure how much help Klopfer would be. He's been sued for, among other things, telling an obstetric patient that her fetus was dead, leading her to consent to the removal -- and hence the death -- of what had actually been a healthy, viable unborn baby.

Klopfer first came into public scrutiny during the Chicago Sun-Times expose, "The Abortion Profiteers". Klopfer and Ming Kow Hah, both working at the now-defunct Chicago Loop Mediclinic, competed to see who could do the most abortions. Hah kept tally on his scrub suit. An investigator reportedly was told by staff, "When Hah is here, Klopfer really zips. Hah marks the patients on his leg, and if Klopfer sees that Hah's got a legful, he goes like wildfire to catch up." Chicago Loop Mediclinic was a tremendously seedy abortion mill. The expose also alleged that undercover investigators discovered Loop paying kickbacks of $46 to $60 for public-aid patients referred for abortions. John Seplak, a dropout from mortician school, reportedly took over Loop when it was an outpatient surgical center, "six figures in debt and starving for patients," and converted it into an abortion specialty clinic "to keep from going broke."

So yeah, a guy who would work in a place like that, racing another abortionist to see who can scrape out the most women in an afternoon, might not be all that much help.

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OperationCounterstrike said...

NEWSFLASH: The "as-fast-as-possible" mentality is not unique to abortion. It's all over medicine, in every branch and speciality.

The worst offenders are dermatologists.