Monday, May 03, 2010

No choice for Philly teen

Did DHS pressure teen to get abortion?

A DHS social worker, and the girl's foster mother, report that the teen was strong-armed into a 24-week abortion (past viability -- her baby could have been delivered alive) by another social worker who threatened to take the teen's toddler away if she didn't consent to the abortion.

The pregnant teen was excited about having the baby, her foster mother said. She learned that she was carrying a boy and told her 1-year-old daughter that she was going to have a little brother. She even talked about a name for the baby.

The teen's birth mother, who wanted to be identified only as Deborah M., also said that her daughter was excited to have a baby.

"Someone who went to go get an ultrasound, [found] out it's a boy, they give the boy a name, that's somebody who wants to have that baby," Deborah M. said. "But the next thing I know, she's going for the abortion."

The foster mother reported that she heard the social worker talking to the girl, then the girl started weeping. She rushed into the room to find out what was wrong:

She asked Brown, "Is there a problem?"

"Of course, there is a problem," the foster mother said Brown told her. "This girl is 16 years old, she's in school, she already has a baby. Yes, there is a problem."

By the next day, the teen was determined to get an abortion, the foster mother said.

Rivera, the girl's social worker, said, "Ever since DHS went there [to the foster home], the only alternative that she saw was abortion."

DHS social worker Marisol Rivera reports that she was fired for refusing to take the girl for the abortion.

"They hired me to work in child protection, not to kill children," Rivera told the Daily News.

But evidently a certain number of child protective workers are busy in the child destruction business in Philadelphia:

Between September 2006 and March 31, Schwarz said, 335 minors under DHS care became pregnant. Of those, 119 resulted in abortions. Of those abortions, 54 were done by judge's order.

So much for "choice". Unless you mean that social workers and judges are the ones that get to choose.

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OperationCounterstrike said...

Sounds like this girl CHOSE to yield to pressure.

Pressure doesn't mean you don't have a choice. You CHOOSE whether or not to yield to the pressure.

Lauren said...

Yeah, some choice. "Kill this child or we'll take your other child away."

Your despicable.

Unknown said...

OP -
The fact that you apparently think it is ok to threaten and pressure a woman to abort - especially one so young and with custody issues at stake - shows your true colors. Even a rabid PC-er feminist would spit on you if yopu made such a remark. I have known some manipulative, abusive creeps in my time, and you sound just like them.