Sunday, April 08, 2012

Rescued from Death: Four More "October Babies"

The "October Baby" scenario of abortion survival isn't as far-fetched as abortion proponents make themselves believe. On this blessed Easter, let's remember some babies that were snatched from the jaws of Death.

Suction abortion performed after misdiagnosed fetal age, baby born partially scalped but survived: Dr. Joseph Rucker reportedly examined 14-year-old Cecelia G., estimated her pregnancy as 14 weeks, and tried to perform a suction abortion on her on January 26, 1977. Cecelia began to hemorrhage, and was transported to a hospital by car. There, a doctor examined her, and discovered she was 7 months pregnant. She was released, but returned days later. Her infant girl was born February 1, with a 2-inch piece of her scalp missing.

First-trimester abortion after misdiagnosed fetal age, infant survived: "Taranda," age 17, went to Family Planning Clinic for Reproductive Health for an abortion on December 22, 1989. Dr. Karen J. Smiley estimated the pregnancy at 6 weeks and performed an abortion. Four days later, Taranda gave birth to a one pound, critically ill infant girl in a hospital corridor. Taranda's lawyer said, "She's devastated, obviously. She would never have dreamed of having an abortion had she known it was 26 weeks old." Taranda needed psychiatric care after her ordeal.

Unspecified abortion method, infant survived: According to The Abortion Profiteers, an illegal abortion was attempted at Michigan Avenue Medical Center in 1978. The teenage patient was 26-29 weeks pregnant. The hospital where the girl was taken for emergency treatment reported the incident to the health department. The baby was born prematurely on October 2, 1978.

Unspecified abortion method, infant survived: According to an August 2, 1981 article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, a woman went to Mt. Sinai Hospital in Cleveland for an abortion. The infant was born live. A source told the newspaper, "The doctors had a very hard time making her realize she had a child. She kept saying, 'But I had an abortion.'" The infant was discharged in the care of its mother.

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