Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Yet Another Pervert Abortionist

What a shock. Not. Another abortionist has been caught involved in sexual misconduct. In this case, it's Thomas W. Michaelis, who was doing abortions at Capital Care Network in Toledo. He possessed and went to web sites with depictions of minors involved in explicit sexual conduct from January through May.

It's a bit appalling that he has been practicing medicine at all the past 22 years. His license had been revoked in 1992 for gross sexual imposition, voyeurism, and pubic indecency with his daughter's friends. He got his license restored with the stipulation that he receive counseling.

So it's time to add Thomas Michaelis to the list of pervert abortion practitioners:
  • George Kabacy, who did abortions at Lovejoy Surgi-Center and Planned Parenthood of the Columbia-Willamette in Oregon, admitted to possession of more than 8,000 digital images, along with additional video files, showing minors, some under the age of 12, in S&M, bondage, and bestiality.
  • Milan Chepko, who did abortions at his own facility, was sentenced on charges of mailing videotapes of minors as young as 4 involved in sexual acts such as oral sex with adults and/or other children. Charges included: inducing or coercing a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing movies, knowingly shipping the movies across state lines, and using a false name or making a false statement to a U.S. agency.
  • Lawson Akpolonu, who was molesting and raping abortion patients at his clinic.
  • Nabil Ghali, who managed to keep his license in spite of having molested and raped his 14-year-old goddaughter. It was finally revoked for gross malpractice, but he resurfaced in Ohio, where he was raping patients at his illegally-operating abortion clinic.
  • Vikram Kaji, who was put on probationary status with the medical board after sexual abuse of thee patients at his practice.
  • Brian Finkel, who was convicted of 22 counts of sexual abuse of patients at his abortion clinic.
  • Ivan Namihas, who had his license revoked after more than 100 patients reported sexual abuse at his abortion facility.
  • Tati Okereke, who did abortions at his own facility, lost his license for sexually abusing patients.
  • Lawrence Reich, who practiced abortion and molested numerous patients at his gynecological practice.
I know there are more -- we did a whole chapter about them in Lime 5 -- but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

Imagine for a moment if even one doctor associated with a prolife center got caught in sexual misconduct. It would be the lead news story on every network.

And ask yourself: Why is it that abortion-rights groups, which supposedly are concerned about women's lives and health, turn a blind eye to abuse and malpractice in abortion facilities while doggedly obsessing over prolife pregnancy centers?


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