Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I am beyond ashamed of my country

I thought that if we put that man in the White House it would at least be a close race. I'm betting it was the "tax calculator" that did it.

I saw the ads. A nurse making $60,000 would get $1,000 from Barack Obama.

Barack Obama. The Infanticide Man.

The only estimate I have on how many babies survive abortions every year is an old CDC admission that about 500 live births after abortions were reported a year. 500 babies a year that a vote for Barack Obama will consign to death, alone, utterly forsaken, in a clinic toilet or a hospital utility room.

That's $2 a baby.

Would you kill a baby for $2?

The answer is, for some voters, yes. Five hundred babies a year, at $2 each. The easiest $1,000 they've ever made. And they don't even have to get their hands dirty. They don't have to be the one to leave the struggling baby drowning in a toilet. They don't have to be the one wrapping her in a towel and sticking her on a shelf and closing the door so they don't have to hear her gasping. Somebody else will do the dirty work. All you have to do is look the other way, 500 times a year, at $2 a pop.

Which is considerably less than 30 pieces of silver.


Anonymous said...

by far...the BEST post of the evening! I am sending this to everyone I personally spoke with who supported Obama.


Christina Dunigan said...


Anonymous said...

That may not be one of the main issues that Barack Obama is supporting as John McCain is but Obama will do much more for our country as a whole including all classes, as opposed to McCain's goal of the higher class! Just think of all the changes and great things he will do for our country. Think outside the box. I'm all for protecting our babies from harms they have no control over but sometimes you have to think of the country as a whole, not one specific issue.

Anonymous said...

Be safe in your travels.
Peace and Love,

Joe said...

One, the poster above does NOT understand economics. The Democratic anti free market agenda will be absolutely devastating to this country. It already has been, since the Democrats caused both the "oil price spike" and the "financial meltdown". Those who supported this man will have to learn the hard way (which is the only way human beings ever

Two, unborn human rights is not "one specific issue". It is the foundation of ALL human rights. There are NO human rights if ALL human beings can be destroyed.

Three, Barack Obama is very likely NOT constitutionally eligible to be President. He was apparently born in Kenya, cannot provide a valid birth certificate and is not a natural botn citizen.

Go to:


the website of Phil Berg the lawyer who has an appeal with the Supreme Court trying to prevent Barack Obama from assuming office. It is very eye opening reading.

Four, now all supporters of unborn human rights must work the next two years to try to engineer a strong sweep of the Democrats and the abortionists in the 2010 midterm elections. I am predicting that we will do rather well two years from now.

Anonymous said...

For the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of my country.

Lola said...

I've been given this figure about the nurse and her "savings".
Ultimatly we shall see. If she loses her job, not likely a nurse, if her other taxes go up, if her food bill goes up, if her utilities bill goes up, if her fuel/auto costs go up, we shall see if the Pro-choice canidate can make good on his promise of $1000 savings. Economics is dicey.

And, no, people in generally ignore the abortion issue. It is too dificult to bear when confronted. Most, as found on your site would be blown away by the reality of abortion. A lady I admire didn't believe me when I told her about late-term abortions. And, I really didn't want to explain it to her. During our conversation I found that she didn't know what PBabortion was. Busy with her own life and a highly intellegent and successful woman. Her shock was so great, she at first angrily said that I made it up. (A hurtful remark. What sicko mind would think up this horror?)

But, we can pray, we can write our representatives Dem/Rep/3rdParty letting them know we're supporting Life. We can work in our own corner of the world in positive life affirming ways. (Like REAL CHOICE does everyday!) Pray for our New President. He's going to need the grace of God to do what he needs to do, and maybe he'll change his mind about some of his promises. (If he did, he wouldn't be the first.)
God Bless you and I wish you Peace today.

John said...

I totally agree with Joe. Smart and very well-spoken. I was really hurt at some of my evangelical friends who voted for Obama. So very sad. Thank you, Christina, for continuing this very difficult work in this blog.

Anonymous said...

It is beyond disgusting that you people would spread the lies and hate that you spew about President - Elect Obama, to suggest that he supports infanticide is both glaringly untrue and just plain ignorant. This kind of ridiculous rehtoric is why the Democratic party has taken over both houses of Congress and the Presidency. People read this kind of nonsense and immediately tune you out. That you cannot see this obvious truth indicates that you will never play a substantive role in shaping our nation's policies on abortion. As for now, you can expect that President Obama will nominate 3 justices to the Supreme Court in his first term. Your dreams of overturning Roe v. Wade are over. You hate abortion - good (so do I), but try focusing your energy on educating people on its destructive nature and it's horrible impact rather than selling your souls to the Republican Party in an effort to outlaw a practice that will not disappear with the end of Roe...I know most of you will not accept the truth of my message, but hopefully a few of you will see this truth and move forward against abortion in a constructive manner...

Christina said...

Those numbers on B.O.'s website that estimated your tax deductions was ludicrous.

It suggested $1800 for me and my hubby under Obama with $60 under McCain.

The one thing I have to ask, though, is HOW does he plan on accomplishing all he wants to accomplish WITHOUT raising taxes?

Giving tax credits to individuals and none to businesses helps individuals in a very short term, but ultimately loses them their jobs that pay in the long run.

Providing 50 million government jobs to help the individuals that will lose their jobs as businesses move overseas (because other countries don't tax businesses) requires MONEY to pay those people (money that the government currently doesn't have and won't have without taxes).

Raising teaching wages (which I'm all for, but don't lie to me about taxes that I'm gonna be paying) requires tax money.

Education reform requires tax money.

Socialized Health Care requires tax money.

Tell me, how on earth does he propose to NOT raise taxes?

Anonymous said...

dear anon...we are NOT all republicans here. there are entire groups of pro life dems as well. look it up...look up the actual recorded illinois senate floor tapes on infanticide...its out there. internet research is a wonderful thing.

Christina Dunigan said...

Anon, we have him on tape. The law in Illinois said that the abortionist decided BEFORE THE ABORTION if the baby was "viable" or not, and merely by performing the abortion he was LEGALLY declaring the baby "nonviable" and undeserving of legal protection. And Obama, KNOWING THAT, voted to keep the status quo, where it didn't matter how much real chance the baby had of surviving, if the abortionist decided prior to the abortion that the baby was to die, then the baby was legally "nonviable" and into the closet he went.

Tell Angele about how nobody's denying care to these babies. Tell Shanice's mom.

Anonymous said...

Obama supporters are in denial. They believe that they can give him power to murder children, but escape responsibility. The blood of children is on their hands.

- Belives in the right to dismembeer a baby.
- Believes in the right to decapitate a baby.
- Believes in the right to disembowel a baby.
- Believes in the right to stab a baby in the skull and suck her brains out.
- Believes that it is unconstitutional to require medical staff to try and save the life of a child that survives an abortion.
- Has openly contemplated murdering his unborn grandchild.

Nothing makes Death Roe more crowded than his election. He has vowed to spend our money to murder unborn American children and then to spend more murdering unborn foreign children.

The consequences are dire for brown and black babies. It is now open season on children George Bush has been protecting. Blood will run freely.

Obama voters are responsible for the death of these children.

Anonymous said...

"Tell Angele about how nobody's denying care to these babies. Tell Shanice's mom."

Yes, please tell me that you are by far more experienced on this subject than an actual eye witness. If so, I would honestly like to hear from you and learn from your experience or expertise.

My name is Angele. I was there...an actual eye witness to infanticide. No doctor was on the premises, period...obviously Rowan was denied medical care based on that fact alone..but, factor in... I begged for an ambulance.to save his life..they refused to call one for my son, knowing that without medical care, he would what?


All they had to do was wait out a premature living baby...it was infanticide... I promise.. I was there. (how difficult is it to call 911 anyway?)If you can answer a phone, surely you are capable of dialing from one...What did they feel the need to hide anon?

They even refused to allow the EMT's to come into the building while my son was still alive.

There was not even a registered nurse or trained medical assistant in the building.

Infanticide happens anon, and our president elect is on audio tape supporting it...

Please do not accuse others of spewing lies unless you can validate your statement. It doesn't make you look any "sharper" or any less hateful than the innocents you are accusing..does it?

With all due respect,


Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering, from the post yesterday by Anonymous, "I hate abortion, but I am willing to elect officials who support it" because you would rather constructively educate people on the horrors of it yourself - but do nothing to constitutionally protect the unborn or almost born? Are you not mortified that the ban on partial birth abortion can be nullified by the passing of the Freedom of Choice act, which President - Elect Obama supports and cosponsors? Perhaps if more people knew - or maybe they know and just dont care - we wouldn't be in the position we're in. I'd like to be more supportive of the democratic party, there are admirable qualities in both parties, but I can't seem to align myself with any candidate who cannot or wont support life issues - be it due to a personal decision or a party backing. I have never in my life felt so void of representation at the federal level. I am glad that pro - life Democrats exist, and we can see who they are. So how do we get more and how do we get one to run for President when there is choice legislation on the table? Especially when we mention "the horrors" at work or at home, and then people turn around and listen to their candidate make their voting record against born alive infants and parental consent for minor abortions smell like apple pie? Or they say as another mentioned above, you have to consider more than one issue.... and still vote knowing all about "the horrors". And now, children that could otherwise live outside of the womb will die. Too late now... Unborn or almost born infants are (obviously) not very high on the priority list.

Christina Dunigan said...

"Imagine that you are creating a fabric of human destiny with the object of making men happy in the end, giving them peace and rest at last, but that it was essential and inevitable to torture to death only one tiny creature - that baby beating its breast with its fist, for instance - and to found that edifice on its unavenged tears, would you consent to be the architect on those conditions? Tell me, and tell the truth?"
- Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Brothers Karamazov

Obama supporters voted YES WE CAN!

Country Stars Central said...

What is more important than HUMAN LIFE? NOTHING! Learn to prioritize... How much longer can the Lord hold back his hand? Many will regret their vote in the coming years... Christ Have Mercy!

Anonymous said...
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Christina Dunigan said...

It's nice to see somebody honest about what he stands for. How many additional abortions a year are you hoping for? How many women are you willing to see die to achieve this end? Do tell!

Anonymous said...

Dear Frank,

May I ask, in earnest, exactly WHY it is that you seem thrilled that FOCA will soon be passed?

Are you an abortionist?

How will FOCA personally benefit or delight you?

Just curious,


Patte said...

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your words. They cut to the heart of the matter.

Have you ever heard the wonderful teaching sermon by Paris Reidhead called "Ten Shekels & a Shirt"? You can listen to it at:

Our labor is never in vain when it is for Christ's glory. We have never failed when we have obeyed the Lord. We go to our local abortion clinic each week & many days are very tough. We remind each other often that obedience = success.

Let's keep plowing & sowing the Word of Life for we know Who holds the future & He rules!

Christina Dunigan said...

Testing again.

Christina Dunigan said...

And again.

Patte said...

I am beyond ashamed of ...
the church in America.