Saturday, November 28, 2015

I Join Prolife Leders in Condeming the Planned Parenthood Shooting

Though the motives Robert Lewis Dear, the shooter at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, are not known as of this writing, nearly all the speculation is that he was motivated by opposition to abortion.

Whatever the shooter's motives were, what he did was wrong.

Whatever the shooter's motives were, officer Garrett Swasey, a pro-life co-pastor who was killed trying to protect the patients and staff at that Planned Parenthood, is the hero of Colorado Springs.

Whatever the shooter's motives were, the entire prolife movement stands against anybody who thinks that the way to stop abortion is by killing those trapped in the evil of abortion. 

Many of the most passionate activists against the violence that is abortion were once abortion workers themselves. The most high-profile is Abby Johnson, an ex-Planned Parenthood manager who now heads And Then There Were None, an organization dedicated to reaching out to abortion workers in love to rescue them from the evil of abortion work.

Abby Johnson and Garrett Swasey are what the prolife movement is all about: RESCUE. Rescuing babies slated for abortion, rescuing women who feel that abortion is their only option, rescuing the people inside clinics who are in danger from deranged gunmen.

As blogmistress of Real-Choice Post-Roe America and webmistress of the Cemetery of Choice, I join prolife leaders across the nation in condemning violence against abortion workers. They, like the innocent children and despairing mothers, are of incalculable worth, precious human beings made in the image and likeness of God.

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