Friday, November 13, 2015

South Carolina Facilities Fined for Dumping Steamed Fetuses in Landfill

Planned Parenthood, Columbia SC
WIS-TV and ABC-4 have reported that three South Carolina abortion clinics and two waste disposal companies have been caught dumping fetuses in landfills after disinfecting them with steam. The combined fines against the businesses range from $2,200 and $21,15 and total nearly $51,000. The clinics are Greenville Women's Clinic, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic in Columbia, and Charleston Women's Medical Center.

The investigations into abortion practices were launched by Gov. Nikki Haley in response to undercover videos in which Planned Parenthood employees discussed their woes in disposing of fetal remains. An audit of previous state inspection records had revealed lax oversight.

Two of the three clinics subsequently were slapped with fines and had their licenses suspended for other violations. Greenville Women's Clinic reportedly addressed six violations, including failure to accurately list medications available in the emergency kit. Their doctors are Terry Lynn Buffkin and Thomas William Campbell, Jr.

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic in Columbia, SC submitted a plan of correction for 21 violations in order to remain open. The Planned Parenthood violations included failure to verify credentials and background checks on employees, failure to have staff properly trained in CPR, failure to provide proper safety and emergency training to employees, expired medications, and storing sterile and non-sterile equipment together. Read the inspection report here. Their doctor is Jack Maxwell Valpey.

Ranch-style pale blue building amid trees along street without sidewalk, with insets of headshots of two men and two women
Charleston Women's Medical Center
Charleston Women's Medical Center , which did not have its license suspended, had challenged state licensing laws and lost their appeal in August of 2000. Their doctors are Angela Richardson Dempsey-Fanning, Gary Clayton Boyle, Gretchen Anne Reinhart, James Collis Oliver, Nicholas Stuart Fogelson, Richard Oliver Manning, and Wesley Frazier Adams Jr. Boyle pleaded down after threatening and pointing a gun at prolife protesters. Manning has been in trouble for doing abortions without hospital admitting privileges, and was sued over the abortion death of Brenda Vise, a botched abortion resulting in a hysterectomy,  and mishandling an obstetric case in a way that resulted in injuries to the baby.

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