Saturday, December 14, 2019

More Information on a Midwife's Death

While looking for additional information on the 1918 (?) death of Margaret Crowe, I did a newspaper search for the accused abortionist, Dr. Anna Sorenson. I found no additional information about Margaret's death, but did find more information in an article about the 1917 death of 22-year-old homemaker Margaret Linstrom at Chicago's American Hospital

The Homicide in Chicago Interactive Database said that Sorenson was indicted and released for Margaret's death. Sorenson had performed the fatal abortion on Emelia Gorman earlier that year, and went on to kill Margaret Crowe in January of the following year. Her chain of death ended with her own death while awaiting trial after her arrest for Margaret's death. Poisoning was suspected, though I've been unable to determine if Sorenson was believed to have been murdered or to have killed herself.

There's some confusion about dates, leading me to believe that the Homicide in Chicago Interactive Database is probably incorrect in stating that Margaret Crowe and Anna Sorenson died in 1918.

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