Monday, April 06, 2020

Gosnell: The Untold Story - Chapter One, the Courage of Detective Wood

Stuck at home during the quarantine, I'm listening to the audiobook of Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer, by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. So far I've written up some background information about why I believe I have something unique to offer in commentary on the book. I followed up with a review of notable instances of press coverage of abortion atrocities. Then came a rant about how the prochoicers seem fine with abortionists breaking the law. I also dug into thoughts that came up while reading the preface.

In this series of commentaries, I won't be reiterating what Ann and Phelim say, because I think that it's important for people to read the book to get the full context. I'm only addressing areas where I think my odd expertise adds something important.

Detective Woody Cared

Ann and Phelim praise Detective Jim Wood to the skies, and he absolutely deserves it. People who haven't followed the atrocities committed in abortion clinics can't grasp that it's a swim up the Niagara river to pursue a case against an abortionist. You can end up like Phil Kline in Kansas, getting swept over the falls and destroyed. Woody risked his reputation and his career.

Why Only Woody Cared

Holly Patterson
Woody focused on Karnayama Mongar and how much she and her family deserved justice. The Mongar case had nothing going for it. Karnamaya wasn't a young, cute, blond-haired white girl like Holly Patterson. Holly's death from toxic shock syndrome triggered by off-label administrating of the second-stage drug of the "abortion pill" regimen gathered national attention. Of course, nothing changed, but at least the public cared for a little while. The mainstream media just can't get enough of bad things happening to young, cute, blond-haired white girls.

Karnamaya Mongar
Karnayma Mongar, on the other hand, was 41 years old, brown-skinned, with scant black hair barely covering her scalp. Her face wasn't one that would launch a thousand ships. She was a refugee who had spent 20 years living in a hovel in Nepal before coming to the US. She lived crammed into tight quarters with her family. Karnamaya wasn't one of the Beautiful People that the press loves to lavish attention on.

Looking back over the Cemetery of Choice's list of safe-and-legal abortion deaths, you see a lot of women with darker complexions: Charise Ards, Belinda Byrd, Mary Ann Dancy, Tamika Dowdy, Edrica Goode, Carolina Gutierrez, Diana Lopez, Kathy McKnight, Venus Ortiz, Vanessa Preston, Tonya Reaves, Antonesha Ross, Tamiia Russell, Michelle Thames, and Lakisha Wilson, to name just a few. The women who pay with their lives for trusting the abortion lobby are disproportionately minority women. As Belinda Byrd's mother said, "Nothing ever happens to ... abortionists who leave young Black women dead."

The Gosnell Grand Jury castigated the world on this point. One of the tree reasons they gave for the blind eye society turned was "because the women in question were poor and of color...."

Eventually Assistant District Attorney Christine Wexler joined Woody on his perilous mission to get justice for Karnamaya Mongar as well as the helpless born-alive babies who met their end at 3801 Lancaster Avenue. Even abortion victims -- abortion victims who lack that ivory complexion and those golden tresses -- deserved justice, as far as Woody and Christine were concerned. They, not Gosnell, were the ones who went rogue. They weren't going to play by the rules that gave abortionists permission to play Russian roulette with women's lives.

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