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Gosnell: The Untold Story - Miscelaneous from Chapter Three

I'm still working on Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer, by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. As I listen, I'm blogging about relevant material that I know from over 35 years of abortion research. Links to previous commentaries are at the bottom of this post.

"How He Accomplished the Demise"

Gosnell's language about "ensuring fetal demise" put me right in mind of the terminology used in Martin Haskell's D&X presentation at the National Abortion Federation Risk Management Seminar in Dallas in 1992. I later got verification that this was where Gosnell got the idea. This explains the use of scissors at the back of the neck, the term "ensuring fetal demise," and the fact that Gosnell told his staff that he was just modifying D&X. 

This is part of why I don't think Gosnell is delusional when he insists that he was just a normal part of American abortion practice. I think Gosnell's divergence from standard practice was a matter of degree, not any existential difference. I do think he's delusional for thinking that his fellows are going to step forward and vindicate him. They threw him under the bus and they're not going to back down on the "outlier" claim.

Unfettered Access vs Real Live Women

The prosecutors discovered that the abortion community would circle the wagons if somebody got caught doing atrocious things. I've dubbed this "the Compton-Carr Effect." If you can't say something nice about abortion, don't say anything at all. And above all, keep outsiders out of the clinic. That especially includes state health inspectors. Of course, with Gosnell they stayed out of their own volition.

Feces in the Building

Josephine Guy, an assistant to attorney Ted Amshoff, brought us some photos at Life Dynamics. Josephine had gone to Ronachai Banchongmanie's abortion clinic to collect patient files. She spotted human feces on the stairwell landing. When she went back a week later, she told us, the pile of feces was still there.

Stretcher Access

Lakisha Wilson
The abortion lobby consistently insists that it's absurd to require that abortion clinics have stretcher access so that patients can be safely transferred to an ambulance in case of an emergency.

The fact that emergency workers had to stop CPR on Lakisha Wilson while extricating her from Preterm contributed to her death. The clinic was on the third floor and the elevator was too small to accommodate the gurney with the patient lying flat. Of course, Preterm also failed to summon emergency workers in a timely manner in the first place, just as Gosnell did with Karnamaya Mongar. Their resuscitation efforts had been amateurish, as had been the case with Christin Gilbert in Kansas, Patricia King in Oklahoma, and Elise Kalat in Massachusetts. But at least somebody attempted to resuscitate Christin. When Erna Fisher stopped breathing, abortionist Dennis Miller was found just cradling her in his arms. Your typical shopping mall is probably better qualified to deal with a cardio-respiratory emergency than a typical abortion clinic. At least malls have functioning defibrillators and staff trained in CPR.

Expired Clinic License

Ann and Phelim marvel that nobody took notice of the expiration of Gosnell's clinic license. I think that it's pretty much always the prolifers pointing out expired licenses to state officials -- whereupon legal wrangling keeps the place open. I just did a Bing search on "abortion clinic operating with expired license" and found:

- a report that Hagerstown Reproductive, the same NAF member that referred Desiree Hawkins to Gosnell, had abortionist Delhi Thweatt practicing there without a valid medical license (Read the report; Hagerstown Reproductive is nasty and Thweatt is a quack.)
- a report that EMW clinic in Kentucky, a NAF member clinic whose security guard had been caught using the premises as a rape site, was operating without a license
- an update on Planned Parenthood / Reproductive Health Services, a clinic with two dead patients to its discredit, continuing to operate without a license (This is also the clinic where Dean Alberty observed born-alive babies being killed to harvest their organs.)
- a story about an Alabama clinic finally closing after having been operating without a license
- a report of a Louisiana clinic continuing to operate after its license had been revoked
- a report noting that not a since abortion clinic in Ohio was properly licensed 

And that was just the first two pages of results.

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