Friday, January 01, 2021

New Year's Day: A Deadly Amateur Abortion in Mississippi

Albert Lackey, age 56, was convicted of murder in the January 1, 1950 abortion death of office worker Ava Lucille Vaiden. He had been paid $15 (about $160 in 2020) to attempt an abortion, which he tried to perform in a tourist cabin near Jackson, Mississippi by pumping air into her uterus with a bicycle pump. Ada, who had been 3 months pregnant, was dead within about five minutes.

An Ohio woman tried a similar method on herself in 1989 using an air compressor in her garage. She died immediately.

Lackey was sentenced to life in prison. On appeal the court ruled that his murder conviction must be reversed because the appropriate charge would have been manslaughter. 

I've been unable to determine if he was tried again.

Watch The Guy With the Bicycle Pump on YouTube.

  • "Wins New Trial in Miss. Abortion Case," Lancaster (PA) Intelligencer Journal, June 12, 1951

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