Sunday, December 05, 2021

December 5: Who Killed Annie?

On December 5, 1905, 19-year-old laborer Annie Killhoff died at her home on Ashland Avenue in Chicago from an abortion. Two physicians, Joseph Vassumpaur and Charles Boddiger, were arrested, Vassumpaur as the principle and Boddiger as an accessory. Patrick Dillon was also held as an accessory.

Coroner's Physician Henry G. Reinhard believed that Dillon brought Annie to Boddiger, who then referred them to Vassumpaur.

I've been unable to determine if the case ever went to trial. Given the paucity of news coverage, it seems unlikely that anybody was ever held accountable for what was done to Annie.

Source: "Girl Dies: Physicians Held," Chicago Tribune, December 6, 1905

Watch Criminal Abortion: Two Doctors Implicated on YouTube.

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