Friday, December 17, 2021

Just Learning of Another Death

While checking for more details on the death of Angel Dardie, I went to and found a note on their copy of a lawsuit. Nina Gaston, who had been left incapacitated after an abortion in January of 1988, finally died of her injuries in 2004. A check of Social Security death records found the exact date as March 14.

Nina went to Choi's facility for a safe, legal abortion on January 2, 1988. According to a lawsuit later filed on her behalf, Choi's clinic did not have proper emergency equipment on site. Staff did not properly monitor Nina while administering a paracervical block for the abortion. She went into cardiac arrest. Staff failed to detect the cardiac arrest in a timely manner, then did not have the necessary skills to perform CPR properly. They did not intubate Nina or use oxygen. Even worse, they stopped their efforts to resuscitate Nina before emergency services arrived. 

As a result of these failures, Nina was left comatose in a nursing home, where she remained for 16 years until her death.

Source: Georgette Baker vs. Youl Choi

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