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December 5, 1998: Safe and Legal Neglect Kills Teen

 Seventeen-year-old Janice Gumm of Beach Park, Illinois, went to Dimensions Medical Center in Des Plaines, Illinois, for an abortion on December 5, 1998, to be performed under anesthesia.

Her abortionist was Dr. Jesse Chandler, and the anesthesiologist was Dr. Murray Rosenberg of Hospital Anesthesia Group. 

The suit by Janice's survivors held that Dimensions failed to perform an adequate physical examination prior to the abortion, particularly in that they did not properly assess her increased risks due to the fact that she had asthma. As a result, Janice suffered an anesthesia-related complication that resulted in her death that day. 

Dr. Jesse Chandler Jr.

Dimensions voluntarily closed in December of 2011, citing the following reasons:
The two surgical suites are too small to accommodate all equipment necessary for modern surgical procedures. The applicants also report flooding issues at the facility, resulting in unsanitary conditions, additional remediation costs, and unnecessary closures of the facility. The applicants also identified a non-functioning emergency generator system that must be replaced
Patients dying because abortion staff didn't take their asthma into account aren't unique. Other deaths similar to Janice's include:

  • Tami Suematsu was 19 when she went into bronchial spasm during an abortion performed by Dr. Vern Wagner at Riverside Family Planning Center in 1988.
  • Donna Heim was 20 when she went to Her Medical Clinic in 1986 for an abortion performed by Dr. Mahlon Cannon.
  • Sheila Hebert was 27 when she went to Delta Women's Clinic in Baton Rouge for an abortion in 1984.
  • "Colleen" was 20 years old when she travelled from Michigan to New York to take advantage of their newfangled "safe and legal" abortions in 1972.

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