Saturday, March 21, 2009

9-year-old Brazilian rape victim apparently pawn in pro-abortion machinations

International Pro-Abortion Group Conspired With Hospital to Kill Unborn Twins in Famous Brazilian Case

The girl, 9 years old, was 4 months pregnant as a result of being raped by her stepfather. The first hospital her family brought her to has publicly stated that her life was not in danger at the time of the abortion. The girl was, for some reason, transferred to another hospital. Her illiterate mother, who was opposed to abortion in general and for her child and grandchildren in particular, was given forms to "sign" via fingerprint. The family's priest was denied a chance to visit the girl. The girl's father was called into a meeting with hospital staff, and he also opposed the abortion, but was told that it had to be carried out because the girl's mother had already "signed" the consent form. The father was then told that the child's life was in danger and that without the abortion she would die.

The whole thing is fishy. But it always was fishy. Abortion advocates are always looking for a desperate "hard case" they can use as a wedge to establish abortion as a good thing that they then argue should be made available for the benefit of everybody. And the doctor? He got a standing ovation from a gathering of abortion enthusiasts. Why not? He had given them their "wedge case" to try to open the door to unfettered abortion:

"The fact that I was excommunicated will not keep me from going to Mass, praying, conversing with God, and asking him to illuminate me and my colleagues in our medical team to help us take care of people in similar cases," one doctor said.

It wasn't about "helping" this girl. It was about giving abortionists a sympathetic appearance in the public eye. And it's deplorable that they used an abused child to achieve this evil end.


Leslie said...

Thanks for shining your light!

Deanna said...

Thanks for sharing...this is extremely scary.. My youngest daughter was adopted from Guatemala. Her mother was 14 when she delivered. My little one is such a blessing to our entire family. I am so grateful that her mother was not in a position to have an abortion forced on her. That may change though now with the Mexico Policy being overturned...

Deanna and

G. Casey said...

I think Rick Warren needs to set down with Obama and ask him what exactly he meant about his "attempt to reduce the need for abortion." I am not seeing this at all and I know of conservative Christians that took that statement to mean something and voted for him.

army_wife said...

There are those that say that a nine year old would die as a result of carrying to term and delivering. NOT SO! The youngest mother on record was FIVE YEARS OLD (look it up on Snopes). She delivered by cesarian and grew up, got married, had healthy children. Not only that, this five year old mother did this not recently but several decades ago. With the technology of today this nine year old could have given birth and those sweet babies could have been adopted. I think the sickos who get little girls like these pregnant should be locked up for life though. What a terrible shame that they used this girl (and her parents) for their own sick agenda. Disgusting and shameless.

Rachael C. said...

Hey Deanna,
Saw you on the PASS Support Site Message Boards and added you as a friend there :)