Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stem cell success the MSM doesn't want you to see

HT: Mary Meets Dolly

From Medical News Today:

DaVinci Biosciences, in collaboration with Luis Vernaza Hospital in Ecuador, announced today the publication of study results demonstrating the safety and feasibility of its acute and chronic spinal cord injury treatment platform in issue 17(12) of Cell Transplantation, a peer-reviewed journal focused on regenerative medicine. ....

The study documents eight patients (four acute and four chronic) who were administered autologous bone marrow derived stem cells using a multiple route delivery technique. A two-year follow-up was performed on all the patients in the study who received the treatment. .... Participating spinal cord injury patients experienced varying degrees of improvement in their quality of life, such as increased bladder control, regained mobility and sensation. Most importantly, the study demonstrated no adverse effects such as tumor formation, increased pain, and/or deterioration of function following administration of autologous bone marrow derived stem cells. ....

.... The study published by DaVinci Biosciences and Luis Vernaza Hospital in Cell Transplantation, which used stem cells derived from the patient's own bone marrow, documents the restoration of significant movement, sensation, and bladder function in patients suffering from a spinal cord injury.

THIS is what opponents of embryonic stem cell research want to see more of:

Ask yourself why the MSM is keeping this from you. Ask why politicians and activists are keeping this from you.



Mrs. Mother said...

I know this isn't a comment about this post, but I need to respond. I read your Chinese legend about sorrow, and as a parent who lost a child due to Trisomy 18, I find it ludicrious and even a little insulting for you to compare the two. You're right, no life is without pain, but most of it happens when a child is old enough to understand what is happening.

A baby has no idea of why it is hurting, there is no way to explain to a newborn why they are in pain. I wasn't able to terminate my pregnancy due to state law and a mix-up when I traveled out of state to do so. Our daughter was stillborn last August.

The truth is, no one knows what it's like to receive this kind of diagnosis until it happens. No one knows what kind of decisions they will make. We didn't want to terminate to avoid sorrow on our part or on the part of our children. In fact, my five-year-old had to be exposed to grief like she had never experienced before and will probably never forget. It was about avoiding pain and allowing a tiny baby to suffer needlessly.

GrannyGrump said...

Mrs. Mother, I'm very sorry for your loss. I'm just wondering why you are convinced that your child was in pain, and why you think an abortion procedure would have been sparing the child pain. I'm guessing it's because of something your doctor(s) said to you.

Stories like yours don't make me feel judgmental toward the families. They make me feel judgmental toward the doctors.

When women are considering aborting a normal baby, doctors assure them that fetuses are too young and undeveloped to experience pain -- even the pain of being either stabbed in the heart, stabbed in the skull, or dismembered.

But the same prochoice doctors will tell a woman who is facing an unfavorable prenatal diagnosis that the best reason to abort is that her baby is in pain, and the abortion will end the suffering.

How can the sick baby be in unendurable pain, but a health baby of the same age be unable to feel the pain of being stabbed or dismembered?

What is with these doctors? It seems to me that there's just an ideological embrace of abortion and they'll say anything it takes to get the woman to agree to it. And that seriously pisses me off.