Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And when the economy recovers, the baby will still be dead

Economic Problems Causing Potential Record High Abortion Figures Nationwide

Some abortion mills are reporting an increase in women who can't see any way out of a financial crisis but aborting their babies.

Of course, instead of helping the women see the big picture, these facilities scrape them out and send them home.

My father had just gotten laid off from work when Mom found out she was pregnant with me. Thank God there was no sympathetic abortion "provider" to "help". Mom would have been alone when Dad died. That ill-timed baby was the adult daughter who was able to move in and help her adjust to widowhood.

We'd sold our wedding rings to buy food when I found out I was pregnant with my son. Thank God that my husband's best friend was a prolife Catholic who helped us to solve our real problem -- our apartment -- and not some well-meaning prochoicer who would have held my hand at Planned Parenthood and deprived my family of my son.

Other families clearly aren't as fortunate. For abortionists, booming business is a good thing. The women's personal tragedies? Well, who's there to see the aftermath? Nobody but the prolifers.

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