Friday, March 20, 2009

Mom forces abortion pills on daughter, throws baby in trash

Evidently Florida is the Land of the Trashed Babies.

HT: Life News, Woman Forces Daughter to Have an Abortion, Dumps Body of Baby in the Trash

Woman Accused Of Tossing Newborn In Trash

Tonuya Rainey reportedly didn't want her 16-year-old daughter to have her baby, so over the girl's objections she got abortion drugs at a clinic and made the girl take them. The girl was about six months pregnant. She gave birth to a child who was described as "moving his hands and breathing." Rainey put the baby in a trash bag and threw him away.

She's facing a number of charges, none of which is murder.


Madeleine said...

That is revolting and so unjust.

Kathy said...

Very likely the mother gave her daughter Cytotec (misoprostol) which is used to induce abortion but is only supposed to be given up to 7 or 9 weeks of pregnancy -- if taken later than that, it has been known to cause uterine rupture. This woman literally was risking her daughter's life. While the absolute risk of uterine rupture is rare, it has happened in numerous full-term women who were given this drug to ripen the cervix and/or induce labor; some of the mothers and some of the babies died.

Cytotec is an ulcer drug and is contraindicated in pregnant women.