Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Roundup: Bloody Kansas, FOCA finagling, and more

  • Follow the money flowing from George Tiller to Kathleen Sebelius. And this isn't counting the money he funnels to her through his PAC -- ProKanDo. Sebelius tried to reconcile her professed Roman Catholicism with her championing of Tiller's business by saying, "While my beliefs teach me that abortion is morally unacceptable, as a public official, I have worked hard to ensure that abortions are rare, safe, and within the bounds of the law.” Rare? Kansas has one of the highest abortion rates in the country. Safe? Tell that to Christin Gilbert and other victims of abortion quackery. And within the bounds of the law? Only by if "within the bounds of the law" she means "I'll stretch the bounds of the law to include any abortion anybody wants to perpetrate." See Jill Stanek for more information.

  • This article in The New Republic rightly covers the great PR for prolifers, and lousy PR for abortion advocates, that the battle over The Procedure Formerly Known as Prince ("Partial Birth Abortion") turned out to be. Too bad the readers who commented get all their information from NARAL "Talking Points." They're pretty much wrong on all counts. But by far the most blithely oblivious comment is this: "If even one woman suffers injury or death from not having the late term abortion alternative available to her then it is a crime for Obama and the Dem Congress to duck for cover and not push to pass FOCA." I guess these women, who died because people like the commenter stick their heads in the sand, somehow don't count. Not to mention the analysis of why the abortion lobby isn't pushing FOCA is totally off. They're not pushing for it because they know it'd never pass wholesale. They've broken it down into teenie pieces, which they're slipping into other legislation. They've learned that there's no way even prochoicers would back their agenda, so they're gonna sneak by us. (HT: LAURA ECHEVARRIA)

  • Sarah Palin is promoting Trisomy Awareness Month. Sadly, Trisomy Online poisons its otherwise fine site by accepting aborting kids with various trisomies as a perfectly acceptable way to cope. (If you have a 99% chance that your child will die, and a 1% chance that the doctor is wrong, why kill the child and cut off the only possibility of hope? And also, however short your child's life is, isn't it his life, not yours?) I recommend instead that people visit the many fine links in my sidebar to sites such as Be Not Afraid. Choosing abortion simply ensures that there will be only tragedy, with not so much as a moment of love or joy. It's a crime that medical professionals continue to push for it.

  • 40 Days for Life has 33 confirmed saves so far!

  • 101 Uses for Roe vs Wade: Use #36: Defense against gross negligence during childbirth

  • A Tale of Abortion looks at a very nice lady and her five abortions and somehow concludes that abortion must be okay if this nice lady did it so many times. The author professes Christianity but doesn't seem to grasp that there's such a thing as sin -- or redemption. Christianity for him is all about moral relativity -- about not ever judging anything anybody does. I do have to agree with him when he says this: "If you want to cut the number of abortions in half overnight, get men to act like men instead of self-centered little boys." But he misses how much we'd cut abortions if both sexes stopped having sex in untenable situations.

  • This blogger objects strenuously to making sure women know what they're about to destroy when they abort. Let's not worry their pretty little heads! By this person's logic, hunters are being idiots when they make sure of their target before they shoot. Their desire to bag the game should trump making sure that what they're shooting really is what they think it is.
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