Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Abortionist Appreciation Day and Why I Don't Appreciate Them Very Much

Here's just one example of why I think a day of appreciation for abortionists is a really lame idea:

Dennis W. Miller performed a safe and legal abortion on eighteen-year-old Erna Fisher, while her mother held her hand, on March 10, 1988. During the abortion, Erna suddenly sat up, went into convulsions, and began to vomit. Miller continued with the abortion while Erna choked to death on her own vomit. When an ambulance crew arrived, they found Erna's airway still full of vomit. Miller was making no attempt at resuscitation, but was holding Erna in his arms.

Miller had already settled six malpractice cases in the Kansas City area. He had failed the Missouri state medical exam three times before finally giving up. It took nine tries for him to pass the exam to be licensed in Kansas.

This is the kind of guy the abortion lobby wants us to "appreciate" today for the "service" the provide to desperate, frightened women.

Let's not forget the other stellar "providers of vital reproductive health care" that the abortion lobby wants us to appreciate today:

  • Abram Zelikman, who left the hemorrhaging Eurice Agbagaa in the care of an untrained receptionist.
  • Raymond Showery, erstwhile studio wrestler, who let Mickey Apodaca bleed to death while he was out on bail appealing a murder conviction.
  • Hanan Rotem, National Abortion Federation member responsible for the death of Gloria Aponte, and who was allowing his untrained receptionist to assist with general anesthesia.
  • John Biskind, who let Lisa Bardsley and Lou Ann Herron bleed to death.
  • James Franklin, who sent Betty Damato home with a trash bag to collect her dead baby in.
  • Hector Zavalos, who sent newlywed Barbaralee Davis home with the face and spine of her unborn baby jammed into a tear in her uterus.
  • Inno Obasi, who cut a uterine artery and let Synthia Dennard bleed to death from an abortion he performed on her when -- as it turned out -- she wasn't even pregnant in the first place.
  • Milan Vuitch, who started out as a proper "back alley butcher" then went on to kill Jeannie English and Wilma Harris after legalization.
  • George Tiller, who runs the late-term abortion mill where Christin Gilbert, a mentally-disabled teenager, was subjected to a fatal third-trimester abortion.
  • Moshe Hachamovitch, who performed the fatal abortions on Christina Goesswein, Tanya Williamson, and Luz Rodriguez and owned the seedy mills where Lisa Bardsley, Lou Ann Herron, and Jammie Garcia suffered their fatal injuries.
  • Harvey Johnson, who sent Shary Graham home to bleed to death.
  • Gideon Kioko, who let both Debra Gray and Suzanne Logan suffer life-ending brain damage.
  • Thomas Tucker, who cancelled the ambulance his nurse had called for Angela Hall.
  • Bruce Steir, who left the hemorrhaging Sharon Hamplton in the care of staff who put her in a wheelchair and shoved her out the door to die.
  • Robert Sherman, who was caught deliberately performing incomplete abortions so he could charge more for aftercare -- killing Rita McDowell.
  • Carl Armstrong, who sent Sandra Milton home to bleed to death in front of her three children.
  • Arnold Bickham, who shoved the hemorrhaging Sylvia Moore out the door to bleed to death.
  • David Benjamin, who did such a botch job on trying to resuscitate Guadalupe Negron that he pumped her stomach full of air instead of getting oxygen into her lungs.
  • E. Wyman Garrett, who lacerated Germaine Newman internally, then sent her home to bleed to death on the bathroom floor.
  • Benjamin Munson, erstwhile "back alley butcher", who sent both Linda Padfield and Yvonne Mesteth home to die of sepsis from incomplete abortions.
  • Suresh Gandotra, who shoved a maimed 32-week fetus through the back of Magdalena Rodriguez's uterus, then left her unattended while he did other patient's abortions.
  • Scott Barrett, who saved money by overdosing patients on Lidocaine instead of hiring a nurse-anesthetist -- thus killing Stacy Ruckman
  • Abraham Alberto Hodari, who performed the fatal abortions on Tamiia Russell, whose abuser's sister had arranged the abortion; he also did the fatal abortions on Chivon Williams and Regina Johnson.
  • Jesse Ketchum, former "back alley abortionist", who went on to kill Carole Schaner and Margaret Smith in just four months time.
  • The staff of Atlanta Women's Pavillion, who managed to fatally injure two teenage abortion patients almost simultaneously.
  • Rapin Osathanondh, who had a "hand holder" assisting in general anesthesia on Laura Hope Smith.
  • Frank Robinson, who sent Jennifer Suddeth home to bleed to death.
  • Wendell Phillips, who pumped carbon dioxide into Pamela Wainwright's blood stream, killing her.

    And this is just a sampling of the stalwart providers of vital reproductive health care services we're to be appreciating today.

    With friends like these guys, who needs enemies?

    And a warning to those who hold abortionists up as heroes: Ezekiel 35:6 -- "Therefore as surely as I live," declares the Sovereign LORD, "I will give you over to bloodshed and it will pursue you. Since you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you." As, indeed, bloodshed pursues those who embrace bloodshed as a way of solving their problems.

    When are we going to decide enough is enough, and turn to nonviolent ways of dealing with pregnant women's problems?

    Anonymous said...

    You are doing an excellent job of exposing the horrors of abortion. I have linked to you on my new pro-life blog, Abortion: Know the Truth! (http://abortionknowthetruth.blogspot.com/) Would you mind if I posted some of your material, with a link back to your site? I will definitely be coming back often. Thank you for all of the work that you do.

    GrannyGrump said...

    Here's a proper link to your blog.

    And as long as you linkback, post away!

    Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

    Kinda makes it clear who cares about lives, eh?

    Diana J. said...

    Love your blog! Here's what I wrote for today:


    Diana J. said...

    Here's a link I suggest for your site:


    Keep up the good work!

    Diana J. said...

    Ha! I just clicked to find out who had left the sweet comments on my blog and realized it was you! So forget the above comment. Thank you for your kind comment! I really appreciate the support.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks, Christina, for allowing me to post some of your material. My thought is to spread the word by as many avenues as possible. Keep up the good work!

    Anonymous said...

    WOW! I got here from a referral from a friend, but I linked to your article on my blog. great message, thank you.

    Rachael C. said...

    Christina, looks like they didn't like your comment at the RH Reality Blog and deleted it and blew off your post pretty quick without giving second thought to those women who's names you've given. I guess they don't care about the women who are dying now during safe 'n legal abortions, only the hypothetical women who will die in future back-alley abortions and those they can use to further their agenda.

    GrannyGrump said...

    I knew they'd nuke it, Rachael.
    If there's one thing RH Reality Check can't abide, it's an actual reality check. I blogged here about the selective outrage of abortion advocates.

    Anonymous said...

    Women will always have abortions, no mater how dangerous. We need properly trained and regulated abortion providers.

    Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

    Men will always beat their wives; we need to be sure they're trained so the bruises don't show too easily.

    GrannyGrump said...

    5D --

    1. Only SOME women will resort to abortion no matter what. We need to do things that will reduce abortion, not encourage it.

    2. What regulation? A lot of what appear to be abortion clinics are actually unregulated doctors' offices -- a situation the abortion lobby has no problem with whatsoever. And unregulated doctors' offices are precisely where the vast majority of abortions were done before legalization. Why do you think taking away the threat of jail if they screw up will somehow encourage greater quality of care from the kinds of doctors who are attracted to abortion practice?

    Katie said...

    Even though these incidences are only a fraction of all abortions that take place in this country. Even though these incidences barely rival the horror of many of the abortions that took place prior to the legalization of abortion, when women had abortions on kitchen tables and in other out of the way places, by people who were often not licensed physicians or even health care workers at all. When women attempted to perform abortions on themselves at home. Did you think the wire hangers at pro-choice rallies were just there to hang out coats on?

    Medical malpractice is a serious issue in any field, and it's not surprising that it also shows up in abortion. However, I don't think the answer is to ban it altogether, so that even more women are forced to resort to abortions that will be even more dangerous because they will be taking place outside of medical facilities.

    If your concern is actually women's health, the focus should be on improving standards for and better regulation of abortion methods and provides, and reducing the obstacles abortion providers face (including psychopaths who bomb their clinics, shoot at them, and harass their families) so that more good doctors are willing to go into this field. Somehow, though, I doubt your interest is actually the women in question.

    Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

    Lady, have you paid ANY attention to the rest of this site before you rolled out the standard BS line?

    GrannyGrump said...

    Katie, I have two books to recommend for you. They're both written by staunch prochoicers, so there's no need to be afraid of them or dismiss them as "antichoioce propaganda". They're "When Abortion Was a Crime", by Leslie Reagan, and "The Search for an Abortionist", by Nancy Howell Lee. I think you'll find them very different from what you've been taught.

    Anonymous said...

    I think abortion should be legal in all over the world, with our current technology we can see if a baby is forming healthy and in one piece, I dont get how people let so many kids born knowing that the kids are not going to be happy, for example kids that came joined by the head, or with 4 arms or legs, I mean that is not right.