Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama nixes funds for ADULT stem cell research.

  • President Obama Claims to Back Adult Stem Cell Research, His Order Stopped It. Actually, his order stopped federal funding. On the heels of pouring federal funding into all manner of research involving the destruction of human embryos. Evidently to Obama "science" is not "science" unless you sacrifice a few innocent lives.

    How many people you can actually provide treatment for is clearly irrelevant -- since it's ONLY adult stem cells that have been providing anything that actually works in real life.

    aaronandbrighid said...

    Thanks for pointing this out! I just saw a ridiculous piece about embryonic research in a local alternative paper today.

    bird5 said...

    There is a group of physicians, patients and other interested people working together to get treatment with adult stem cells legalized in the U.S. as it should be. Please ask your family and friends to sign up ("JOIN"), and get as many doctors to sign up as well.

    Anonymous said...

    Well, if you actually read EO 13435 (rather than just repeating what says) you can understand why Obama repealed it. Read Section 3 of the Order, which basically prohibits human embryonic stem cell research and expands the scope of 45 CFR 46.

    You also misrepresent the regulatory status of science with its funding. Rescinding 13435 has nothing to do with funding science. There’s nothing in 13435 that has to do with appropriations for stem cell research.