Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Safe-n-Lethal: Diane Watson

Diane Watson was 27 years old when she went to Hedd Surgi-Center in Chicago for an abortion on August 29, 1987. Although Diane was over 12 weeks pregnant, Rudolph Moragne proceeded with the abortion, in violation of state regulations.

Diane had seizures and went into cardiac arrest at the clinic. Moragne and the other physicians present -- Henry Pimentel, Ester Pimentel, and Calvin Williams -- failed to perform CPR.

Diane's autopsy report attributed her death to "seizures due to anesthesia during an abortion," and made note of the recent pregnancy. Diane's death certificate, however, not only makes no mention of the abortion, but also has the "no" box checked for whether or not the decedent had been pregnant during the previous three months, thus preventing her death from coming to the attention of public health officials.

Diane's family filed suit. A doctor reviewing the case said that Moragne and Hedd staff "deviated from the accepted standards of care [and] failed to appropriately and timely diagnose and treat intraoperative complications which resulted in her death."


Marie Hollywood said...

This is my sister Diane Watson who was very devoted Mother to her 2 sons, which are adults now. We still miss her so very much. She was my oldest sister of 4girls. I am the youngest of us four. Yes it said that a the doctor did not operate using proper procedure. My sister had allergies heyfever etc. That doctor needs his kicked good. then they tried to cover up her death and said, "that they found her on 63rd and Halsted unconscious from a seizure. They took her St. Benard Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The hospital also tried to help cover up her death. Until my Uncle J.W. Hogan pulled her gurney and sheet off the bed back an blood was all between her legs that it began to seep thru the mattress she was laying on dead. How horrific. That clinic and hospital is still in operations of abortions. This facility should be shut down. Also hospitals should be the only place for this type of procedurs. Dr.Rudolp Moragne if you read this and I hope you do. The Lord will punish you if He already hasn't. You gave no apologizes. I try everyday to forgive after all these years and it so hard to do. So that you know the age difference between my sister Diane and I is 12yrs. She was like my Mom when my Mom went to work. You took away someone very special to us. You will pay!

Christina Dunigan said...

It's all so sad Marie. You never get over a loss like that.