Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Credit where credit is due

Though it takes the attitude that abortion is a hunky-dory thing for a teen to be subjected to, at least Mom, Dad, I'm Pregnant encourages teens to tell their parents about pregnancy rather than slip off for a clandestine abortion at some seedy, fly-by-night abortion mill.
“I’m pregnant,” probably seems like the hardest conversation you will ever have. Most young people fear their parents’ reactions and may try to keep the pregnancy a secret. Bad idea. If you are pregnant, you probably need your parents’ love, assistance, and maybe even their advice. Also, keeping secrets is not always good for your emotional health and your ability to take care of your health.

The site then gives hints for how to approach the topic. This includes how to approach the topic when Mom and Dad have a history of not taking things well:
If you really feel it would not be safe for you when your parents find out, consider having someone else that you trust there, like an aunt or cousin, or an older brother or sister.

Of course, being a prochoice site the authors feel compelled to tell the girl that there's no risk whatsoever of any sort of PTSD reaction to abortion. But considering that this is one of the few places online that gives kids good advice on how to approach their parents with news of a pregnancy, I have to give them credit where credit is due. They treat girls like girls, and not like miniature women who have all the emotional and social resources of women. And their agenda is also revealed in the fact that their resources page has no resources for making an adoption plan or for parenting.

Still, it's a start. It's certainly a site I can recommend linking to -- though prolifers will want to put a caveat with the link that this site is good for advice on telling parents about a pregnancy, and not a good site for making a choice about what to do about the baby.

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