Sunday, January 21, 2007

Getting ready for Blogs4Life, March for Life

I'll not be doing any blogging tomorrow -- or most of today -- because I'm heading to DC for Blog4Life and March for Life.

This is a bit of an adventure, because though I have a ride down, I don't have a ride home that allows me to attend the entire bloggers' conference. I'm hoping that during the morning session I find somebody who's passing through my area on their way home. If not, I miss the blogger session that comes after the March. Which would be a bummer.

I made my sign yesterday -- a much better sign than the one I had last year. This year's sign is on foam board, with full color photos on one side and black with poster paint on the other: "Laws don't kill women/ABORTIONISTS DO"

I leave at noon today. Prayers appreciated

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