Sunday, January 28, 2007

Give the people what they want

Recent searches that have led people here:

real pictures of a fetus at 15 weeks pregnant and 20 week fetus pictures - I heartily recommend The Visible Embryo. Here is a 14-15 week ZEF, and here is 20-21 weeks.

Lots of searches for March for Life 2007 Photos. So here are Tim's Photos, MommyLife's pictures, and Michelle Malkin's pictures. A video can be viewed here. And mine are here. And there are pictures from Oregon and Washington state. And West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco.

Geraldine Santoro -- This is the woman whose photo abortion advocates circulate as proof that abortion ought to be legal, so that women terrorized by abusive ex-husbands can get their fetuses killed. Evidently women with abusive ex-husbands aren't entitled to any form of help except abortion.

dr. ester pimentel - She was one of the doctors that stood around stupidly and watched Diane Watson die.

Cemetery of Choice has two URLs -- here and here.

Last but not least:

Dr. Inno Obasi -- He performed the fatal abortion on Synthia Dennard, who, as it turned out, hadn't actually been pregnant in the first place.

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