Saturday, November 14, 2009

Abortionist Gone Wild


Nicole D said...

I am not an abortion advocate, am staunchly pro-life - but I am not for this type of journalism... notice they say it was a fetus, a fetus... until it was born "writhing, making noises..." and suddenly it is a baby.

It was always a baby, and the mother should feel terrified that she aborted her baby who WAS alive and a baby the whole time.

The only difference between this incidence and a 'normal' abortion is that the baby was alive after it got to this side of the womb and not dead before it could be born.

Tonal Bliss said...

Nicole, the positive thing is that abortion was actually discussed! Oftentimes abortion is a topic that is usually ignored by the media as a topic that is "too hot to handle."

I hope that more media outlets would cover the abortion topic with as truthful as reporting as possible. The ENTIRE nation needs to know the truth regarding what abortion really is.

The reason that this is important is easy for me to see. Whenever I say openly that abortion is legal in all nine months of pregnancy, most people automatically think that I'm lying and/or I'm a crazy nut. In most people's opinion, how could it be possible that our nation would have such a horrible thing be so openly legal and accepted? They do not know the facts so they automatically ignore me. Too many mind's are ruled by subjective opinions rather than facts.

If the media would report purely the facts then much of our population would start to see the truth.