Sunday, January 17, 2010

Urge emergency visas for Haitian orphans

Contact your Senator and urge him or her to take whatever action is necessary to approve emergency visas for orphans in Haiti that are already in the process of being adopted into American families. This would get those children quickly to safety and leave less pressure on caregivers trying to attend to the newly orphaned.

Many families waiting to get their adoptive children from Haiti have expressed willingness to take a second child.

If anybody knows anything about the international adoption process -- perhaps there is an organization of attorneys that handle this sort of thing, that would do emergency fee waivers (as a tax write off!) to help expedite the adoption process to get other orphans into safe families who cannot afford adoption fees but would willingly provide safe homes to these kids.

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Unknown said...

I would gladly support this. I adopted my daughter from Russia, and would adopt again if it where not for the costs. I would help a child or two myself and I have alot of friends that would do this too. Please keep us updated!
A in NJ