Saturday, October 15, 2011

Four anniversaries

Mary L. Stone, a 26-year-old native of England, was living in New York City with her husband, George, in 1854. Some time in late August, she left her husband and went to live with William Mills in New Haven, Connecticut. White at Mills' home, Mary took oil of tansy as an abortifacient. She stated that she had done this at the recommendation of Mrs. Britton, who denied the charge. After taking the oil of tansy, Mary became very ill. About five weeks later, she returned to New York, going to stay with a friend. She sent for her husband. After seeing his wife's condition, Mr. Stone had her taken to New York Hospital. There, she died the night of Sunday, October 15. Her death was attributed to "exhaustion produced by abortion."

On October 15, 1915,
Anna Anderson, a 25-year-old unmarried woman, died at the office of Dr. A. A. Ausplund, who had brought two additional doctors in to assist him in caring for her. Ausplund insisted that Anna's pregnancy had been tampered with before she'd come to his office. The autopsy, however, indicated that the injury had likely taken place while Anna was on the premises. Click on her name to learn more.

October 15, 1926, 23-year-old Ethel Horner died at Chicago's Jackson park Hospital from an abortion performed earlier that day. Dr. Albert Peacock was arrested the following day.
On November 15, 1926, he was indicted for felony murder. Ethel's abortion was typical of criminal abortions in that it was performed by a doctor.

On October 15, 1990, 23-year-old Angela Satterfield underwent a legal abortion. The abortionist did not diagnose Angela's ectopic pregnancy. He simply performed an abortion procedure and sent her home. That evening, the undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy ruptured. Angela was found dead in her home. She had hemorrhaged. Her death certificate only mentions the ectopic pregnancy and the hemorrhage, but her autopsy notes the failure of the abortionist to diagnose the ectopic pregnancy. Even though, in theory, women who choose abortion should be less likely to die of ectopic pregnancy complications, experiences shows that they're actually //more// likely to die, due to sloppy practices by abortion practitioners.

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