Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free Abortions!

Mighty generous, that Dr. Brandeis. He's giving away free abortions!

Just in case the fact that it's FREE! is lost on the prospective patient, the bullet points include:
  • Free services for low income eligible ca residents
  • Free abortion clinic
  • Free services for low income eligible ca residents
The site also features what look like coupons for free gyn services and free sterilization.

A bit redundant, I know. But Dr. Emmanuel Brandeis wants to make absolutely sure you know that it's FREE!

I found out about this generous fellow when his spambot posted a link on my blog -- as a comment to an article about an RU-486 death.

How does Dr. B do it? His FEES page explains:
We offer the presumptive eligibility program also known as PE. This is a Medi-Cal program that among its services provides temporary abortion care to eligible low-income women and teens. With PE you can receive services for miscarriage or abortion immediately and for free. Any California resident who believes that they are pregnant and whose family income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level is eligible for this program. Call now to see if you qualify.
Ah! Dr. B isn't generous with his own money, or even his own time. He just has his staff trained to stick a straw into the public trough and slurp up taxpayers' money expeditiously.

This resourceful fellow's name was familiar to me, so I searched my site and found out why: he'd screwed up when injecting drugs into an abortion patient, causing tissue damage that resulted in the amputation of several fingers.

The first question on the FAQ page is:
Is the office confidential and private?
Our Medical Center is a private office and there are no protestors.
Now that they've spambotted my blog, that might change.

As you can see, the Vermont Avenue location has plenty of room for a prayer vigil outside. It's in a Korean neighborhood, too, so there's probably really good kimbap, bibimbap, galbi, bulgogi, porridge, and shabu-shabu available nearby. Yum! Plus there's another office available for lease in the building. What a great place for a prolife pregnancy center!

The Beverly Hills location seems to be in more of a medical office building, though the only sign I see on the outside is for a chiropractic clinic. There is also a "For Lease" sign with the number 310-652-7006.

Though there's no real room on the sidewalk directly outside, the situation across the street is another matter entirely.

It's the La Ciegna Community Center -- a city park, public property. There's plenty of room for a prayer vigil and some sidewalk counselors, right there on a busy street corner.

Dr. B wouldn't have hired a spambot if he didn't want his practice to be advertised, right? So, LA prolifers, have at it!


Unknown said...

Dr Brandeis, his mother, and his dog live in his abortion clinic. I have seen dog poop on the floor. Dr Brandeis is having issues with Beverly hills code enforcement. With no permit, Dr Brandies knocked a hole in the wall large enough for the incredible hulk to walk through. Dr Brandeis owns a marijuana dispensary located at 737 s vermont where one of his women's centers used to be. Nelli , the "nurse" is NOT a nurse!!! Even though Nelli is NOT a nurse she gives women the abortion pill and controlled substances.
There are two sinks in the "lab." One sink is used to wash the dog and dishes. The other sink is used to give the speculums a quick rinse. The sinks are separated by an imaginary line.

Christina Dunigan said...

Have you reported him to the state and gotten the local prolife group to back up your efforts to get him smacked into line?

Unknown said...

I don't know any pro life groups. do you?
ai don't think his abortion clinic is clean,