Friday, October 07, 2011

Why not ask the people who REALLY know abortion from experience?

My FaceBook friend Kathy Peterson points out that abortion supporters often insist that unless you've been the one on the abortion table, you have no right to have an opinion on abortion. (They totally discount dissatisfied customers, but that's another topic for another day.)

Well, actually, since the person who is impacted the most by an abortion is the baby targeted, shouldn't their voices be the ones given the most credence?

I'm not being facetious. There are people who are only alive because an attempt to abort them failed to do the job. I've described one such person, Gianna Gessen (pictured), as a Fetus With Attitude. Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder (D-CO) objected to the idea of Ms. Jessen testifying before Congress about abortion on the grounds that hearing from the actual slated-for-death fetus would "undermine the public’s consistent and overwhelming support for Roe v. Wade." As I asked in my original article, what do you expect from somebody who had actually been aborted? Could you expect "consistent and overwhelming" fetal support for Roe v. Wade?
Ms. Jessen said what anybody left with cerebral palsy from the toxic effects of abortion chemicals might be expected to say: that being aborted isn't very pleasant. That abortion wreaks havoc on fetuses. That fetuses, given their druthers, would rather be left unmolested. This should come as a surprise to nobody. When an aborted fetus limps up to the podium and reads her prepared comments, that's good news for fetuses, but bad news for somebody who gets campaign support from the abortion establishment.

Based on the only report we ever got out of the Centers for Disease Control on the subject, abortionists reported about 500 babies surviving later abortion attempts every year. Times 38 years of abortion on demand, that's 19,000 folks like Gianna, like Ana Rosa Rodriguez (pictured, right), whose right arm was wrenched off at the shoulder during the abortion attempt, or like Ximenia Renearts (pictured, left), who was left brain damaged and physically incapacitated by extreme prematurity and being left unattended to die until rescued by a nurse.
Then we can add in those who survived what are called "failed abortions" -- early abortion attempts that somehow leave the fetus unscathed. Research indicates that between about 850 and 1,800 unborn children survive first-trimester abortion attempts in the US every year. We don't have numbers on what percent of women change their minds about wanting their babies to die and continue their pregnancies. It's neither uncommon nor universal, so I'll just aim for the middle and say that half of those children get to be born alive. That's about 1,325 survivors of early abortions every year, about 662 of whom are permitted to live to be born. That's 25,000 (rounded down) since Roe. Add that to the 19,000 late abortion survivors, and we have about 44,000 fetuses we can ask.
What would their opinions about abortion be? Maybe we should ask.


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