Saturday, March 10, 2012

Abortionist Fans: Lights on, Nobody Home

Let's not let the FaceBook event to appreciate abortionists lie neglected. Pop on in and suggest an abortionist that you think best exemplifies everything abortionists are and do. Just google your favorite abortionist and post a link with a line.


  • Child pornographer George Kabacy
  • Alberto "Licensed to Lie" Hodari and his three dead patients
  • "Fast Eddie" Allred and his Empire of Death
  • LeRoy Carhart, who is just so globally deplorable that there's no end of stuff to post about him
  • Kirstin "The Human Rubber Stamp" Neuhaus
  • Steven Chase Brigham, who is breathing a sigh of relief now that Maryland officials decided they're not ready to let a jury decide if he snuffed viable third-trimester babies in Maryland or New Jersey
  • Blast from the Past Harvey Karman and his Super Coils
  • While we're at it -- Milan Vuitch was a prochoice icon and erstwhile criminal abortionist, and he killed two safe-n-legal patients
  • Ditto Benjamin Munson

I'm sure y'all can think of more. If you need ideas, you can go to the Cemetery of Choice and search for more recent abortion deaths, and just post about their "providers."

Let's remind these clueless individuals just who it is they're holding up as heroes.

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