Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amateur and Professional from the Early 20th Century

Anna Gosch's boyfriend, Mr. Edwards, admitted that he knew Anna, that they'd had a sexual relationship, and that she had called him to tell him that her period was late. He admitted that he went to Kearney, and got a hotel room with the intent of performing an abortion, which he did using a catheter that Anna had stiffened with a wire for that purpose. A physician, Dr. Cameron, was called on Thursday, March 15, and saw Anna twice a day until the Monday before her death, at 2 or 3:00, at which time he consulted with another physician, and concluded that Anna was going to die. She died on Tuesday, March 20, 1906, at 6:10 PM. Edwards was convicted of homicide.

On March 20, 1926, 19-year-old Alice Annalora died at the County Hospital in Chicago from complications of an abortion performed that day. Dr. Wilford Vine was booked for Alice's death, as was her husband, Joseph Annalora. Vine was indicted for felony murder. Ultimately, the coroner was unable to determine the legal status of the abortion that killed Alice, so Dr. Vine and Mr. Annalora were released.

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