Friday, March 09, 2012

My Answer to the Celebration Artwork

As I noted earlier, abortion advocates have developed a series of posters to celebrate how wonderful abortion is.

Well, I'm coming up with my own poster series. I'll post them as I create them. Feel free to share them. Maybe we can even turn them into greeting cards to mail to all the organizations that think abortionists are heroes.


Lola said...

You did an awesome job on your posters.

Thank you for all your hard work researching and speaking out these past several years.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Posting them on my blog.

rasqual said...
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rasqual said...

What I like about your posters is this: whereas the 4000years project is putatively adducing the wisdom of the ancients, your own work showcases the inhumanity of our current age. If the ancient wisdom of choice is reputed to be so wonderful, what are we to make of enlightenment moderns who put it to such brutal use, and so indifferently to life?

The very progressives whose artwork so often celebrates life with illustrations of people in harmonic connections with each other, are the very ones who see the most intimate social relationship -- not sex, but childbearing -- as an appropriate setting for dismemberment and death.

The holocaust is not strictly the numbers. The horror of this, and any other, holocaust, is what happens to a human heart and mind that permits the savagery to go beyond the mind into actions, and to perdure and spread.

God help us.