Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Question for Abortion-Right Supporters About Gosnellesque Facilities

I have a very interesting exchange going in the comments section of a Breitbart post about the upcoming Gosnell movie. I consider this very well worth elaborating upon.

How can you assert that Gosnell is "rare" when so many other Gosnellesque doctors have been uncovered entirely by accident? I can think of two other cases off the top of my head (Krishna Rajanna and Robert Alexander) whose filthy practices were, like Gosnell's practice, discovered entirely by accident when police went to their facilities for totally non-abortion reasons.

Gosnell is rare when you think of how many actual abortion clinics there are versus Gosnells.

One often gets this sort of response when pointing out the existence of Gosnellesque facilities and the need to identify and close them.

I have a question for those who brush off the Gosnells on the grounds that there are far more clinics that are not Gosnells:

What ratio of Gosnell to non-Gosnell facilities do you consider acceptable?

The ratio can be given either as a facilty-to-facility ratio, or can be based on how many women each type of facility sees.

Seriously. Inquiring  minds want to know.

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