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Rapey Patel Faces Allegations from Former Employees

Mug shot of a middle-aged man of Indian ethnicity
Abortion doctor
Naresh Patel
Recently I blogged about abortion doctor Naresh Patel after KATV Arkansas reported about his arrest for lying to patients by telling them they're pregnant when they're not then charging them $620 for abortion drugs.

Well, News OK is doing some actual journalism, looking into Patel's past. And what did they find? Employees suing him for sexual harassment.

In one recent lawsuit, former employee Kim Hauser, who had been hired by Patel in November of 2012 as a receptionist for a Holiday Inn he owned, came forward. She said that Patel made her work at his abortion clinic, performing the duties of a surgical technician and of a nurse. She also reported that he had frequently pressed her for sexual favors, and when she refused he made her perform disturbing tasks such as bagging up aborted fetuses.

Ms. Hauser said she needed the job to provide for her children. She finally quit in May of 2013, she told a judge, after Patel tried to rape her.

Another former employee, Tami Amsler, also filed suit against Patel, and accepted a confidential settlement. She, like Ms. Hauser, said that she'd begun working for Patel at one of his hotels, in her case the Staybridge Suites. She began working for him in January of 2013 and quit on March 15, 2013, because, she said, Patel “incessantly and inappropriately propositioned” her for sexual favors and engaged in sexually aggressive behaviors such grabbing her breasts. Her lawyer says that he has text messages from Patel that substantiate her allegations.

Each woman separately alleges that Patel offered her money in exchange for "marrying" a foreigner.

Patel's treatment of his employees, however, seems almost chivalrous in comparison to what his patients have reported.

Patient allegations. Click to enlarge.
In 1993, three of Patel's patients came forward reporting that he had raped them. Patient #1 was groggy, recovering from her abortion, when Patel put his penis in her mouth. Patient #2 was groggy from sedation for her abortion when Patel raped her orally, vaginally, and rectally. Patient #3 reported that he had raped her vaginally when she was on the procedure table. Somehow, in spite of ample evidence, including taped phone conversations in which Patel admitted to putting his penis in Patient #1's mouth, he was acquitted.

Patel's bad behavior, moreover, hasn't been limited to fraud, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

In 1995, a patient sued him for putting a 6 cm. tear in her cervix and being unable to treat her for this injury because he had no hospital admitting privileges. Another patient sued him in 1994 after he had mangled her uterus and refused to call an ambulance until her family members demanded that he do so; she required an immediate hysterectomy to save her life. Another patient sued in 1994 when she began bleeding and expelling fetal parts after he'd discharged her from his clinic.

News clipping about fetus dumping.
Click to enlarge.
In 1992 he admitted to burning a bag of 60 aborted fetuses in an open field.

In 1990 he was reprimanded for disemboweling a 15-year-old abortion patient. His medical assistant saw him "pull out some tissue and take it in his hands." She then testified that Patel said, "That's her small intestine" before stuffing it back inside. The teen was rushed to a hospital, where surgeons found a hole in her uterus and a fetus floating in blood in her abdomen. She needed to have her fallopian tubes, ovaries, and portion of her colon removed due to injuries.

Redacted patient record recovered
from dumpster. Click to enlarge.
In 2013 Patel also disposed of confidential patient information in a dumpster, including patient consent forms,  financial information, and abortion documentation. He also dumped job applications that had personal information about the applicants. As if that's not enough, he also disposed of  biohazardous materials in the dumpster.

How many Patels and Gosnels must there be before pro choice Americans start to recognize that the abortion lobby protects the interests of abortion business, not the interests of the women who entrust their bodies and their lives to those people?

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