Friday, December 12, 2014

Deaths After Phony Abortions? A Call For Information

Naresh Patel
Secular Pro-Life raises in interesting question in the wake of the arrest of abortionist Naresh Patel for selling abortions to women who weren't actually pregnant: "Have any women been injured or killed by complications from fake abortions?"

I know of two verified deaths of women who had been sold abortions when they hadn't actually been pregnant.

"Sandra" committed suicide in 1971 after an abortion sold to her when she hadn't been pregnant. Before ending her life she had expressed remorse about having "killed her baby."

In 1989, Synthia Dennard bled to death from a combination abortion/tubal ligation sold to her when she hadn't actually been pregnant.

There is a third possibility that I have been trying to verify. In 1979, Deloris Smith had been injured during an abortion about four months before her 15th birthday and died shortly after her birthday. I recall seeing a news clipping that said her mother was suing and claiming that the pregnancy test done at the National Abortion Federation clinic prior to the abortion had actually come up negative. If anybody has access to Atlanta news archives, or can do a docket search for the mother's lawsuit, please follow through and let us all know what you find.

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