Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Safe and Legal in New York, 1970

"Amy" was 35 years old when she took advantage of New York's new law allowing outpatient abortion-on-demand, somewhere in the state of New York on December 24, 1970. She was 14 weeks pregnant. During the abortion, Amy suffered from a massive pulmonary embolism. Efforts to save her life finally failed, and she died on January 2, 1971, leaving behind two children.

Though Amy was the first woman identified as an abortion victim in 1971, she wasn't the last. Other women to die that year include Cassandra BleavinsJanet ForsterDoris GrantBetty Hines"Annie" Roe"Andrea" Roe"Anita" Roe"April" Roe"Audrey" Roe"Barbara" Roe"Beth" Roe"Monica" Roe"Roseann" Roe"Sandra" Roe"Tammy" Roe"Vicki" RoeLaSandra RussCarole SchanerMargaret Smith, and Kathryn Strong.

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