Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Compare to NBC News coverage

Study Reveals Disabled Patients Like Terri Schiavo Show Awareness

Life Site News covers the study that showed surprising brain activity in "minimally conscious" people. Compare this to the tepid coverage given by NBC News.

Disabled people who are treated as if they have no awareness of their surroundings or that they cannot interact with others may be absorbing more than previously thought, according to a new study. ....

Dr. Joseph Fins, chief of the medical ethics division of New York Presbyterian Hospital, told the New York Times, "This study gave me goose bumps, because it shows this possibility of this profound isolation, that these people are there, that they've been there all along, even though we've been treating them as if they're not."

Since the completion of the study, researchers focused on seven additional disabled patients and the results were the same.

Pray that the Schindler family will be able to order an MRI done on Terri! This should clear up any doubts as to her mental state.

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