Monday, February 28, 2005

Tiller shows his true colors

Numerous secular sources have also reported on this story, reported by LifeNews here.

The Kansas AG has subpoenaed patient records from late-term abortionists (a list bound to include Tiller, who is the busiest, most well-known late-term abortionist in the country. The abortionists are balking at cooperating, citing concerns about patient privacy. But Tiller's web site indicated that unless a patient chooses to opt out, her information will be given to fund-raisers to contact her!

Of course, once the press started calling the notice came down off the web site, and Tiller's spokesman said it was a "mistake." Yeah, a mistake to admit in public that patient privacy is only a high priority when it comes to protecting sexual predators, not when it comes to collecting money to promote the abortion agenda.

On a local note regarding true colors, Johnstown people might want to look more closely at Jeff Minana before having any dealings with him.

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