Sunday, February 06, 2005

Possible ban on abortion of the disabled?

US, UN Treaty Writers Weigh Abortion Ban for Disabled

U.N. diplomats drafting an international treaty on the rights of the disabled debated a possible ban on the abortion of fetuses with disabilities in an emotional negotiating session that ended on Friday. A working text of the convention would prohibit the termination of a pregnancy in the case of a fetus with a disability in countries where abortion was otherwise legal.

"It was a very emotional argument, and if you are a person with disability and you are thinking that you might have been aborted because of your disability, it becomes a very personal issue," said New Zealand Ambassador Don MacKay.

I've often wondered why we didn't sue under the Americans With Disabilities Act on behalf of ailing unborn babies, pointing out that choosing to abort them on the basis of their problems constitutes discrimination. This is getting that fact out into the open. Amen.

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