Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tiller patient death prompts two-state investigation

Operation Rescue West has been reporting on the death of one of George Tiller's patients on January 13. Recent news reports indicate that the woman was a 19-year-old abortion patient from Texas. She had developmental disabilities. The Kansas medical board is investigating the death, and the Texas Attorney General is investigating what transpired in Texas before the woman travelled to Kansas for her abortion.

There's a lot more in this than meets the eye, evidently. I hate to speculate. Until I learned of the woman's disability, I had been hoping that the Texas AG was investigating Tiller's advertising, but this apprears to be an investigation into the circumstances involving her pregnancy and the decision to pursue an abortion for her. She must have been in an advanced state of pregnancy, since abortion is available on an outpatient basis in Texas up to 24 weeks.


Woman Who Died After Abortion Is Under Investigation
Woman's Death Possibly Connected to Abortion Clinic
Texas AG investigating death of Tiller patient
Texas AG investigating death of Tiller patient

It's difficult to maintain a detachment on this. It looks like we may have another situation like the Diane Boyd case. The death of the woman and baby is tragic enough, but the thought that she may well have been pregnant and aborted against hr will just adds another layer of abuse and tragedy. Prayers for everybody involved, that they'll take this opportunity to speak the truth, for the sake of others and for their own immortal souls.

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